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The '83 YZ125 was my favorite bike back in the day. I had YZ125s from 1980-1983, went to CR125 in 1984 which was a mistake, but the YZ125 in '84 was bad too... Should've kept the '83 YZ125 for 1984...

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I WILL buy an Alta as soon as I can finish a 2 hour Hare Scrambles on it... I'm anxiously waiting... Maybe a year or two and the battery life will be where it needs to be to make it happen. I know several others waiting as well... Fingers crossed...

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I was a candidate for the Neodisc FDA study back in 2007. I didn't go through with it as I had a 50/50 change of the ADR or Fusion. 9 months later I got better. Now 10 years later it is back. I was told then it was just a matter of time, so I'm thinking ... more »

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2 level herniation 10 years ago. They wanted to fuse it then. Over a year, I got better but was told I'm on borrowed time. 10 years later it looks like my time is up... Insurance requires x-ray before MRI. X-ray completed yesterday, MRI next week I hope ... more »

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Anyone have experience with this? I'm unwilling to go with fusion... Thx..

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Jason, did you see the new Alta teaser video for the Enduro version? You saw my FTR proposal for the electric bikes, right?

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Post a close up pic of your sprockets... You might be catching on some "hooked" teeth...

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Called an spoke to the guy, no kid going to college! LOL Anyway, 7.5 hour drive for me and the prices are a little too high. No doubt they are worth it to some, but a little too pricey for me... I'd like the 1983 YZ125... Had that back in the day... ... more »

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How does he make any money as a privater in MXGP? I thought they don't pay purse money... I guess his income would come from his other sponsors?

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What did the "black throttle reel" do for you?

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Hope he does well, can't find fault with the team or equipment...

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+1 Good for you!

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Heck, I don't need more power, better $ spent on suspension and tires...

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Rotella and a Rekluse... Change the oil every 4 - 5 hours and new oil filter. Clean air filter following every ride... Never had an issues...

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I agree that Enduros seem to be fading away. I believe that the Sprint Enduros may be the way of the future. It is difficult finding enough land and volunteers to lay out a 60+ mile course and they are not spectator friendly. Hare Scrambles are packed ... more »

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Same age here and same bike (350XCF) with Rekluse. My other choice is a 300 XC or any other 300 2-stroke...

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LOVE the 350!!! This bike is great for hare scrambles and on the MX track. I came off a KTM 300XC to the 350XCF. The 300 was not nearly as good on the MX track. Yeah, it doesn't have the pull your arms out torque the 450 does, but it isn't weak. I can ... more »

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Can't get a better bike with either brand!!! '16+ with the chassis and engine changes created about the best bike possible... Cons - 4 stroke rebuild. I'll sell before then...

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Hmmm... Is there a legal battle in the works for the name Gatorback given there are plans for a new location close by?

Started new thread Best of luck... 9/7/2017 7:19 PM the moto families in FL! Please prepare and hope to see you on the back side! This is going to be bad...

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