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Yep, Weege needs to mute his phone more quickly! LOL

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Bring a beach umbrella, that's what I'm doing...

Added reply in a thread YZ 100 racer For Sale 5/25/2019 4:25 AM

Larry, check your email

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Larry, check your email.

Added reply in a thread YZ 100 racer For Sale 5/22/2019 7:51 AM

Sent you an email...

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I'm picking up a "basket case" '83 YZ125 this weekend. Hope you'll be available to give some guidance when I get going...

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KTM/Husky 300XC or 350XCF

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One suggestion I made was to have the camera showing SOMETHING during the commercial breaks... Pits, Announcer, something worth looking at... I think the service is great but also mentioned to not price it out of line...

Started new thread Why can't teams sell merchandise at SX? 5/4/2019 7:38 AM

Just listened to the Rock River podcast on Pulp and thought it was great. One takeaway I was surprised by was that it could help teams if they could sell at the SX races. What is the reason why Feld won't allow it? Chris & Christina said it could ... more »

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I'm guessing Helmet F is the new 6D ATR-2 at 1480 grams in weight... So, it is the 2nd best score if weight is critical. If not, then basically the two helmets tie in the ratings...

Added reply in a thread Updated: Just heard the neck brace study segment on Pulp 3/28/2019 4:29 AM

I listened to the Pulp show and Ryno on Whisky Throttle... I may be older than some on here, but I now wear both a neck brace and knee braces. I find fault with Ryno's position based on his Pro perspective vs my weekend warrior perspective. I hit a tree ... more »

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I'm on the phone with them now. It is a NBC problem... No ETA on it getting fixed and they have no idea what is wrong...

Added reply in a thread Dean runs a wider seat 1/12/2019 4:02 PM

Seat Concepts makes a wider seat for those who don't want the sewn in ribs tearing their butt to pieces! High quality stuff...

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I was off the bike for 30 years... Got started back and hurt myself on MX jumps... switched to hare scrambles and loving it...

Added reply in a thread 6D ATR 2 Helmet.... 11/19/2018 2:38 PM

Fit seems good to me. I wore a Large in Just 1 and Suomy and this fits the same. Didn't like the fit of the ATR1, but the ATR2 fits well. I've had a bad string of breaking helmets with concussions and vertigo as a result. I now wear the ATR 2 as I believe ... more »

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PACE yourself... The HS races in FL are 2 hrs long. Can't go out with MX intensity or you'll hit the wall. It's tough to go slower, but you'll need to for the longer races...

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I wonder if maybe, just maybe he goes after MX - kinda the reverse decision former MXers make... He's been vocal about finding motivation for GNCC, so maybe working with Baker, he considers it...

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I was a Rotella user until I loaned my bike to a fast A rider and my new oil was black in 15 minutes! Rekluse slipping like crazy. Changed oil with Amsoil, readjusted the clutch and all is good. Therefore, I use Amsoil or Motorex now...

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I was using Roletta with my Rekluse. I've since changed to Amsoil 10-60. I get a better deal on the Amsoil over the Motorex, that's the only reason.

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I never had to do anything to my 2016. Sold it, was like new inside and all to spec. Oil change every 4 hours AND oil filter. Nothing more than that and I assume my 19 will be just as good...