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Well, I'm an Old Guy (OG) that still races. I wear a neck brace and just started wearing knee braces. Why? Because any minimal limitations these protective devices cause are offset by the benefit of potentially less sever injury. I am NOT a Pro racer, ... more »

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An unpopular position - but I agree. Get ready for the flame throwers!

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What I remember reading is that Webb thought he was training hard until he went to Baker. He learned that he wasn't and picked up his game. Now, does Webb have the ability to maintain the higher level of intensity on his own? As someone else mentioned, ... more »

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I uninstalled then reinstalled Peacock from the fire stick and it worked...

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Good to hear as I was unable to watch the replays. I'll uninstall and reinstall. Thank You!

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I put on some of my race videos to watch while "exercising". It's motivation because I get angry seeing my results due to not being in shape. That helps me push through the boredom on the rower! Oh, well that's my plan when I start exercising again! ... more »

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So cool to see this! I predict he'll be passing guys like crazy toward the end of the motos! I suspect his sprint speed will be behind the MX guys, but the dude runs a 180+ heart rate for 3 hours.

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Really, are you so bored this is your topic for the day! LOL For all the haters, before you reply - Mike and I are buds... Just bustin' on him...

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I'm 57. Raced 125's exclusively from 1980-1984. Started again in 2013... I recommend 2016+ 350 or just about any 300 2T.

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Nice! As I get older, and caring for failing parents, my perspective is changing. My mother, who is battling a losing cause with cancer, told me to go live before it's too late. My father has dementia and can't remember going with me to the races. Thus, ... more »

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Come on guys! My 78 year old Mother had 5 thoracentesis then had a Pleurx catheter installed to drain accumulating fluid from her lungs as she is battling lung cancer. She didn't whimper nearly as much as y'all! LOL Just kidding, yeah, the removal of ... more »

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I may have missed it, but who is riding the Husky 250 team?

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Those dudes will be blind before too long I'm afraid...

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OMG, I signed and share to all my FTR family as well...

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In my experience, it is difficult to do better than the stock Yamaha two stroke pipes...

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One of the reasons for the X is the kickstand...

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I've found a couple of privateers's who are interesting to follow: Mathias Jorgensen Jeff Walker Tyler Monks Alex Martin (not privateer) I'm liking the behind the scene stuff as much/more than the actual riding. It's best when they lead up to the race ... more »

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Umm, were you planning to clue me in on the Loretta's trip??? Some friend you are...

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I had the same concerns, but the base plate doesn't stick up much. I slide out the vertical struts and lay a rug over the right one - the left one is under the fold out couch so it's not an issue... If you carry only one bike, you can position it under ... more »

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I'm curious to know about training for GNCC and Hare Scramble events where we race 2-3 hours. What modifications would be made to a MX training program to add the endurance aspects? Lots of MX training programs but I haven't seen anything specific to ... more »