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I have an e-commerce background and my guess is the reason RM doesn't allow these brands to get rewards is because the profit margin is so slim that they just simply wouldn't make enough money and or the companies listed have a strict minimum published ... more »

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Yes the 04-06 RMZ250 is different than the 07 RMZ250 and also same as the 04-05 KX250f so which is it? I'd be interested in parts if you can clarify the year of the bike.

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Good deal for someone, looks super clean unfortunately it's not for me cause I have the same bike lol! Good luck

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Shit starting writing this before you made your post with the new bike, good luck! never mind Did you replace everything electrical with new parts or used parts? When you rebuilt the motor did you also do the head, I know you said entire but just double ... more »

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SPYGUY I might be interested in it in the future. I'm rebuilding a yz450f and am close to riding it for the first time. If I like it in the woods I'm going to get an 18" rear wheel. I usually lace them myself to save dough but if your price is decent ... more »

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I just sent it, let me know when it ships and the tracking # too please. Thanks!

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I'll do the 140 if you still have it. Let me know!

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Not for me but that's pretty cool, I love frankensteined stuff like this! Well done

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Hey I see that you already lowered your price and I'm sure you can get the 140 easily if you want to wait it out but I only have $125 (124.69 to be exact lol) in my paypal and cannot add any additional funds so if you would take that then I'll send it ... more »

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Thanks I'll be in touch

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Have a new set of these Hot cams Shims for sale, none are missing, even comes with sticker and a miniature magnifying glass to see the sizes better which I don't think they include any longer in the kits but I may be mistaken. These are selling for 67 ... more »

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Sorry to poach your thread Ryan but figured you wouldn't have this brace left since you unload stuff pretty fast it seems. MotoAnt45 I have a few braces for sale, they are the same as the all sport dynamics. I use one cause I obliterated my wrist last

... more »
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Does the front wheel have a dent / flat spot? hard to tell but looks that way in the pic. I'm interested in it in the future just can't do it this exact moment. (Have already spent way too much this months on parts!)

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PM sent on the Cylinder! Hopefully that is not what you wanted ebers? I also might want the clamps if they will fit a 10-13 YZ450f.

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Even as a Euro, I had to yell MERICA after seeing that guitar clip with the flyby!!

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You must have pushed it in when you installed it wrong. I have a spare one off an 04 YZ250f and just looked at it and the pin can be pushed back out but like you said you would probably have to split the cases. Maybe you can pull it out? Try an earth ... more »