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I found the missing parts! Once I got it degreased and somewhat clean I found it's a 75cc engine(stamped on top the case above sprocket). With that info and what you sent me I've found it's an X80! It's identical to the red one on the pdf you sent, just ... more »

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I have an old dirtbike from my childhood and I'm needing to sell it. The bottom end(crank, rod, gears, etc) are in working order. A friend of mine from back then mixed it 100:1 and burnt up the rings ans slightly galled the piston. However, parts weren't ... more »

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I know this thread is 2 yrs old but NewMexico are you still looking? I have an Indian/italjet bike for sale. I have no clue what it's worth, it needs reatoring but maybe the opportunity you're looking for to get it CHEAPER!!!??? If you or anyone else is interested please let me know I'm moving out this weekend (in Texas) and would like to see it get a new home ASAP.

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Ok Guys, 1st I'm BRAND NEW to forums so I apologise if this isn't the place to post this, if not please let me know where is the place.... I'm moving this weekend, cleaning out my storage, and I totally forgot I had this little bike. It's a 1971 Indian/Italjet ... more »

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I have one of these exact bikes. Brand new to the scene but I'm clearing out my storage this weekend and need to sell a 50cc? 4spd 1971 Indian/italjet. It's complete aside from jug,head,&carb. Ive owned it for 20yrs(it's been inside anstorage for ... more »