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Machine shops. I have 7-8 of them sitting around my shop. Used very rarely. Have 9 newer kurt vises as back ups for my mills. You'd be amazed at what machine shops have lying around and is never used. I even have one of these that i fire up maybe 5 times

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Take my money. I love free ride film work, and i love Parsons riding. Take. My. Money.

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1990, Pearl, MS, need to find my older photo albums from Oklahoma before the move to Mississippi..

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Right. And at the same time, areas affected first are seeing a decline. Meanwhile, the common flu is doing what it does EVERY YEAR.... killing close to 100,000 in the US alone. EVERY YEAR. Covid19 hasnt come close to that WORLDWIDE.

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Pretty sure the point being made is, worldwide covid deaths are still only a fraction of just the US flu death rate. The common flu is by far more dangerous than covid19. Yet its being blasted as the next pandemic. Which it clearly isnt

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I got in to it in the mid 90's. My neighbor in Pensacola was the brother of boat owner for InXS, the brother was based in Miami, he would run the boat up to visit us on shake down runs. They were Cuban. One ride in that beast and ive been a fan ever ... more »

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Try to heal/toe feather brake and gas while counter steering and feathering the e brake all at once while g forces are trying to throw you out of the cockpit. Driving is insanely thrilling. Especially in a race car/ truck

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You would be amazed at how many NBA and NFL "stars" are complete assholes that would do exactly what Chad did and be an asshole about it, unlike Chad. Even more so, how many would ask you for payment before giving an autograph. Consider yourselves fortunate ... more »

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Gas Gas already had production bikes. Why discontinue what they had going only to replastic yet, another KTM? Kills every single ounce of wanting one for me. I dont like riding KTM's, rode a GG at our trail network last year, was going to make the trip ... more »

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Part of the reason.. business park property taxes are much lower than retail zoning. The overhead that place carries increases every year with new regulations, tax adjustments, etc. The comment was made that other dealers have the same expenses, yes ... more »

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Its on the first page of this not even half way down.

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Amazing how Tomac can be asked the question, confirm its his shock and says it always has and dont know why it does. Yet, people keep posting, nope, its his brake.... Tomac has said its the shock, not the brake

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Venue leasing, concessions and parking are 99.9% exclusive to venue owner. Tickets are split, usually 70-30'to promoter, always negotiated out though. Stadium leasing isnt as expensive as suggested, it isnt 7 figures. Low 6 figure for something like ... more »

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I have both. I prefer the Bell, but have no issues wearing the 6D when i do. The 6D is bigger, but it isnt noticeable wearing it. Mine are both XL's as well. Main reason i wear the Bell more often is the feel. The 6D takes some getting used to, i usually ... more »

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Right side. Always. Never gone down on the left side. Couldnt figure out why for the longest time until my ortho sent me to neuro. At some point in one of my several concussions, i damaged my inner ear on the right side and ever since, my balance has ... more »

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Doesnt Sony have a round camera that can mount under the visor or on the side of the helmet? Something similar to these tactical cameras

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Riding again. As in, fun riding. Photo shoot riding. Ride days, seven promo's. Maybe a random 125 race like RV did before doing the whole series.

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I dont get the, its the same bike as a 2009..... completely new engine, completely new frame, new suspension, what exactly is the same as a 2009?

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Box started out as a vision of setting a high end standard in bmx and Toby could focus on developing the mtn bike component groups. Michael Gamstetter was the lead designer for Box, he was at vsi as well. I worked with him and Toby the first couple of ... more »

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Every race held in California, they have to pay payroll tax and state tax on. Same as stick and ball athletes. They hate playing in CA, only get half a paycheck compared to everywhere else