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Im sure there is zero love lost between coop and ac. Oop moved to 250's first and as soon as AC did, all the talk was how Coop was going to have his hands full, etc. well, 5 or so years later, Coop has 3 sx titles, 1 in 450's. AC has exactly zero and ... more »

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MTF, travel trailer, lots pills, 3 strippers wake up in a ditch wondering how they passed in JLaws travel trailer and woke up in a ditch...

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Cannot be done. You cant import a current year model vehicle in to the country that isnt available on the HTSA registered vehicle importation manifest. You can perition for a provision, and get it approved, but you will have to pay for everything upfront ... more »

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The gray might be a different compound of plastic, more flexible.

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Golden Pines down here would clear 70-80k for a qualifier weekend, gross. Affer expenses, net was usually around 30-40k. $15k was typical for equipment expenses alone. They would spend 4-5k during the week just to prep the track for the weekend in diesel ... more »

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Rumblings ive seen more than a few times is the subframe broke and disconnected the ecu shutting the bike off

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Webb has said more than on e, it wasnt the bike. It was his training. He liked the bike

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Now do it taking in to consideration that steel framed bikes are taking up 25-40% of the gate every race. Law of averages has steel frame bikes with better odds when you stack the deck with them

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When i had my bike shop i built a Fuji Tri bike for a friend of mine. My cost on it was just under $14k, his cost was north of $20k. But it was loaded with the latest and greatest of everything. Now translate that to moto. You would be looking at a $70-100k ... more »

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I have done it this way for several years on several bikes. I cringe when i hear my friends say they just sent their stuff off. Had 2 last month send out forks and shocks to FC, $475 for the forks, $280 for the shock. No revalve, just oil, seals and ... more »

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Yep, 4-5k is the norm for a frame alone, minus components. Unless you go alloy. 4-5k can get a pretty decently outfitted alloy bike

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Price your product liability insurance for a boutique mountain bike compared to a boutique motocross bike. There is your answer

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Bagget knows Webb. Bagget wanted to paycheck fo reflect his efforts. Dirty pass, probably end up with a smaller paycheck, wait until a clean pass can be made, better paycheck. Laying up for Webb? Seriously? These guys race for paychecks. Marvin? Yeah, ... more »

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He went down really hard in the whoops in first session. Second round he reaggrevated the knee

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Every track sale transaction i have been privy to, and i went through the process of purchasing one myself... the track does not add value, the property goes for typical acreage pricing for the area. Add ons would be for structures, utilities onsite, ... more »

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Go to lowes or home depot and get a 10x20 piece of astroturf for under $100. Stake it down, rinse it off in the driveway when you get home. Weighs a quarter of what carpet weighs and lasts forever

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Super easy track to accomodate utv's equals really nice beginners track for people terrified of 20ft booters. Whats the problem? Smaller, easy jumps for kids to get aquainted with jumping, again, whats the problem?

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Mr2dt is mine

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200 by march, balance of 200 by june

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Someone on here has to know the hookers in a ditch in Georgia story....