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200 by march, balance of 200 by june

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Someone on here has to know the hookers in a ditch in Georgia story....

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Exactly. TP hauled the mail at Windhams qualifier. Would not be surprised at all if he makes A moto.

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As a fan of JS7 and moto in general, i have no expectations for an official announcement. He was a racer, we are fans. There is no obligation there. He did his job and when he was over it, he left. Just as he said he would. Without a trace. Good for ... more »

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Massive price difference in mild steel and chromoly steel. Pretty significant difference in chromoly steel grades as well. Trail bikes arent chromoly frames, they are mild steel with stamped steel pieces welded in. IE: cheap

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Sounds like your buddy doesnt have the stock foam pieces that block roost from entering the intake tracts. Never had an issue with my 16 250f. Ride mostly sand, very little sand in the filter area any time i changed and cleaned filters.

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I think it says something for the Deegan family that Brian pulled them OUT of home schooling and put them back in regular schools. So riding, training, playing, all happens after school is out and homework is done. How many other kids at his level are ... more »

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Its been said there were 10, TEN, kids named Ryder racing this year. So yeah, i think you’re on to something here

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Ryders dad has figured out the LL milf game

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At least you dont have my local shop. Left over 2015 CRF450r sitting on the floor right now. The super amazing deal they are offering on it? $7500 plus TTL and prep fees. For a 2015 model

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Oakley O frame and Von Zipper beefys or porkchops fit just fine

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Oil only pulls if the clutch side seal is out. If its the stator side it only pulls air. Mine was the stator side but i replaced both along with main bearings for safe measure. I did have float issues after getting everything else done. Once it was set, ... more »

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My 03 was the same. Crank seals, reed valve gasket, CLEAN THE POWER VALVE COMPLETELY. And she will run like champ

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Yep, think Dung won 6 out 18. Tomac won 9-10 i believe

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The 19 Yamaha has a more narrow seat, way more narrow tank/ shroud cockpit area. Feels completely different and much thinner than prior years. Plus the refinements made to an already amazing set up.... from reading first impressions and having ridden ... more »

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Bob Jandebuer in Tulsa has a track at his dealership. Test ride before you buy, race that weekend at the same track. K&N Yamaha in Sapulpa had a track behind the shop for years, test ride before you buy. Thats where I bought my first YZ125. It used ... more »

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I probably could have been more clear about “snake oil.” My intention wasnt to say chiro is snake oil. Rather, there are people who believe chiro is the only option they have, when it isnt, and there are plenty of chiropractors who will gladly take their ... more »

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One of my best friends dad and brother are both chiropractors. Both have told me, never, ever go to one lol. They said the only time you should see one is on a last resort doctors referral. Tripped me out they would say that. They both make killer money ... more »