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I know that Troy Adamitis was there with his crew working on a future episode for MX Nation, but here are a few I put together from the weekend. Friday pre-race interviews: Saturday RedBud Atmosphere: ... more »

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Parking near the beach on a hot Summer day runs about $30 around here, and MXoN is infinitely more exciting.

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The latest from MX207, a few kids having a damn good time on their dirt bikes getting ready for the Racer X Maine Event here in a few weeks!

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I'm trying to get better at the game before I decide if I like it or not, but one thing I can't stand is you can blitz through rhythm sections like their a set of whoops.

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I don't see anything indicating there is a clutch, do we know if there is? I wish it wasn't so easy to just plop your way through the rhythm sections, that's was drove me nuts about Encore. You can tell the person playing tries not to make contact with ... more »

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Probably not the best solution but one that we use here in Maine at the end of our seasons is running some rubber gloves under your normal riding gloves, to block the wind.
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I don't have my contest footage up from those days but I have got this link if you're interested in playing around with it to hold you over: It's from Berm Blasters 2.0 ... more »

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The quality obviously isn't the best but skip to about 25 minutes and watch some epic last lap carnage. And also around 21 minutes there is some good Bowers action too.

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With the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup starting this weekend in Portland, Oregon, it's crunch time for the guys racing AMSOIL Arenacross. Who've you got?" width="640" height="360 It's between Owen, Faith, Goerke, ... more »

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Keep an eye on their YouTube channel for post race interviews and highlights normally posted the night of the race:

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the best riding buddy, always down to hit the trails

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MX207 track dog during practice and race days, MTB trail dog every other day. ... more »
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Anybody know how he is doing after that crash?

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Where is the link to watch the live stream? I am logged in but it keeps playing the Qualifying video from yesterday.

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Couple other angles to it right here:

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Anyone having better luck with the torrent link than I am for Behind The Dream? I'm gettin stuck at the MacFest download/Mac Keeper spam.

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Anyone tried playing 2 player? Player 2 is stuck with a stock bike, regardless off whether he/ she is signed in as a guest to the player one account, or signed in as another account who's also unlocked the bike mods... Or atleast that's the issue I am ... more »

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Put a little event video together of the MSMC14 race at MX207:

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(I figure I'll just go ahead and say it...) ... that's what she said.

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Seeing him deal with the shoulder injury is a bummer. I've had plenty of shoulder injuries myself and know how restricting it can be. I am always impressed to see him put it back in and keep going.