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You're absolutely right, it's gone downhill.

Added reply in a thread Tomacs raw speed 1/12/2020 6:18 AM

Don't worry beast mode will engage when he can't win and pressure is off like every year, imo he's still the fastest, mental wise? Not there.

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Unbelievable effort, Ken is an extremely strong human, there is no doubt those arms are killing him every race he attends but he just battles through it.

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AC not sure Tomac. Tomac will click off wins when it's over, he still is the best rider but he just can't get over his mental hurdles especially in Supercross. When Tomac was chasing the points lead from dungey and choked in the race that counted, it ... more »

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Never thought about this but you're absolutely right.

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It's early days but I wouldn't call a new era until we see a rider of RC. JS or RV caliber. Tomac is of that caliber but he hasn't got the same heart and desire to win like those dudes.

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I can see "brand loyalty" but I can't stand people hating on people over brands it's literally retarded, people fight over Chevy Vs ford, Xbox Vs PS, Samsung is iPhone it's no reason to hate a person and unless you have stocks or company ownership what ... more »

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People, especially in America will hate people over what brands they buy, Xbox Vs PS, ford vs Chevy, apple vs Samsung, American muscle vs Japanese/euro It's pretty sad.

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They have also had some of the best riders in the game, KTM has a great program to bootif they truly have the best bike it's not enough to win out against supreme talent. Barcia was a monster on the Honda when he was full of confidence, now he has that ... more »

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Who would have thought, the best rider wins on any color. You posting about ktm just shows your insecurities.

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No surprises in the 450s, Webb strong, AC is a mature 450 rookie, Barcia riding to his potential confidence is back, Tomac cracking again under pressure.

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That's nuts.

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Eli last 3 SX seasons have gone like this, He suffers until the title seems out of reach, wins everything when its out of reach but falls short each time, not saying this year will be a repeat but it's already started that way.

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AC9, I know it's his rookie year in 450's but he has a lot of experience in pro racing now, he may crash a few though,

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As seasons of late Tomac should win, I'm over people making excuses for him such as the bike is new, the setup is wrong etc, if those are the issues than how is it possible he is mid pack the next week later he destroys everyone. It's all mental for ... more »

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Stewart reed and Carmichael, those three put it on the line every week and seemed to never have a bad race. When you look at Tomac for example he has the speed of Stewart and rc at his best, but his mental issues or whatever it is you don't see him ride ... more »

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Great post.

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That Hudson is a mad man, if wants to go pro which he may not he will do better than his brother.

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He's got the title I don't believe the bullshit that he is managing points, that's not in Elis DNA. He either is on or he's not he rides much more comfortable when he's on.

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Yes that's right, Tomac has not been consistent since Honda days and I'm not discrediting his speed when he's on, when he's on he's up there with the best but that's the difference between Gasjer ans Tomac at the moment, Gasjer is always on. If Tomac ... more »