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Bit of both but the drop off is very minimal, Webb is really dialed in now, tomac is slowly getting back o form.

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No one's been better than tomac ever since RV retired, he just hasn't got the same mentality as a Webb.

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I think he likes saying go for it because he's looking at the field and no one really is.

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There's one thing of developing talent another is having the riders to win. The best talent have always gone to pro circuit and in recent years star and geico/hrc have been getting some good ones.

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He's had potential I must admit his first race back I thought oh man not again, massive improvement in the second race and again in the 3rd, he did get lucky however with that confidence boost and improvement I believe he will be able to run with cooper ... more »

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I wouldn't lump ken in this topic, the guy is lucky to have an arm. Tomac is tomac but hes done everything in America in this sport, I think he's just over it which is understandable. But yes these two riders are faster than Webb, but webb has the most ... more »

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Yeah I agree much stiffer competition, RV had it even worse lol.

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Mental edge is most of the battle, and he has it.

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I'll always say Stewart. RV2 is a close second, I loved how much he rode the rear and his corner speed is probably the best I've seen.

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Webb's crash last year let Tomac win.

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I haven't seen shit like that since Stewart, and his lawn dart earlier in the season was Stewart esq, I'm a fan.

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I'm still dirty for him after winning championship and not getting ride... criminal.

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Webb placed second a arguably his worst style track for the season.

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With the rise of technology and overbearing parents it will be very hard to grow any motorsport in the future. The only way I see it growing is with people like deegan family introducing and grabbing an audience that come from all walks of life. But ... more »

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It definitely raises the bar of the average rider, but if you pair them with a kid/rider who has determination and is willing to send it then it's the same as it's always been, cream rises to the top. While safer I do think these facilities do train ... more »

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Talk is cheap though maybe he just want's to maximize the pay checks who knows. The eye test tells a different story, it's always been mental for him and the best example of that is when chased down Dungey in points because there was a carrot on a stick, ... more »

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Sexton, He didn't impress me during his early 250 years measuring raw speed against Forkner but he sure proved me wrong in 2020, and in 2021 I still believe he was the quickest out of everyone for the year before he lawndarted. Haiden Deegan will be ... more »

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It's all mental for him always have been, This year I think he was satisfied with the SX championship last year and just doesn't want it more than the others this year. He's still the fastest out there when he's "on" like every year in his 450 career. ... more »