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Reply to Tickle, Harrison, Peick 7/20/2016 10:24 AM

With the ruts as deep as they are on the faces of the jumps, I can't believe more riders don't cross rut. Get well soon to all involved.

Reply to Gimmicky Go Pro Shots 7/10/2016 10:17 AM

Its a pointless camera angle and they keep on it way too long. What they need is a drone flying over head right above the riders.

Reply to Barcia 7/3/2016 7:29 AM

I remember when Stewart was blaming the bike and even got out of his contract to go to Suzuki. That turned out well.

Reply to New to Phoenix, Arizona 6/20/2016 9:07 AM

That's the one thing about Arizona I miss, Speedworld and ACP. But you can keep your 120 degree heat.

Reply to My view of Alex Martin's bike failure 6/19/2016 5:54 AM

Bummed for both brothers but lets not act like no other bike has ever DNF someone.

Reply to Mxa silly season 6/16/2016 10:07 AM

I hope J Mart stays on blue and I would like to see JGR go after Anderson.

Reply to How do you build the nerve? 6/14/2016 8:15 AM

You have to say the magic words: " Hey watch this!" Then do it.

Reply to Destry Abbott Leukemia UPDATE: Gofund me link added 5/17/2016 12:56 PM

Destry and his family were my patients when I had my chiropractic office in Glendale. I come to know him and Charlotte and have a tremendous amount of respect for them. Its like a kick in the stomach to see something like this but I know Destry with ... more »

Reply to No wonder Cole is pissed 3/4/2016 2:31 PM

I saw the first one live. I was sitting behind the "wall" and right in front of the sand section. When they both came over the wall, Seely cut off JA line in the whoops. The first one was JA trying to duck inside. The second one looked way more intentional ... more »

New thread Looking for 2 Lower Level Tickets for ATL SX 2/27/2016 5:22 AM

I'm looking for two lower level tickets, I would like to stay at $50 per ticket. If you know of someone who has extra let me know. 7703619471

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Reply to Why do so many people bitch about Ralph Sheheen? 2/26/2016 1:29 PM

Its the internet, everyone is an expert. I think he is fine.

Reply to Last nights track? 2/21/2016 10:01 AM

Yes, I thought so too.

Reply to Joey's Red Plate Machine 2/6/2016 6:53 AM

Congrats on Savatgy and being close to Webb in points to capitalize on Webb's bike malfunction. Its a good thing for Webb to have a little competition thrown at him to keep him focused. But that is why they do the races because anything can happen. I ... more »

Reply to Coop's finish line "Dab"... 1/24/2016 10:57 AM

I don't know who you are, but I like you. Go Phins!

Reply to Chad Reed 1/24/2016 6:18 AM

Add me to the list that was thinking Chad was a 10th place rider. I wondered what would have happen if they didn't have that restart at Anaheim 1. Wasn't he behind Barcia when they brought out the red flag?

Reply to Red Flag Usage 1/12/2016 6:57 AM

I think the only restarts should be staggered. Barcia got penalized for getting a great start and had lots of momentum. It seem that during the second restart that he got the arm pump. Plus it would be a lot safer for the riders since starting seems ... more »

Reply to Was the fist fight good or bad for the sport? 1/10/2016 3:12 PM

It spiced up a kinda boring night of racing.

Reply to What Happened to Barica? 1/10/2016 10:52 AM

The restart took it out of him. I'm sure he will be back next week fighting for a top spot.

Reply to I'm coming to America dudes!! 1/2/2016 9:47 AM

Vegas is one of the least expensive places to fly into. If you want to drive it will take you 3 days. We have no idea what 60 pounds means, much less one of them on our keyboards. Either way, enjoy some BBQ but fair warning Carolina BBQ sucks.

Reply to 2016 Supercross Championship 11/20/2015 6:04 AM

Dungey is the favorite. Tomac has the speed to win but lacks the consistency. If he gets that, then he will win. Kenny has rebounded and will be a podium threat every race. Barcia is the dark horse, capable of winning it all but is slightly behind the ... more »