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Reply to georgia 8/25/2014 6:01 AM

Can't stand Georgia or her accent. She adds nothing of value to the race and usually distracts from it. I'm sure she is a nice person but find someone without the annoying accent.

Reply to Kettlebell training good for low back issues? 8/25/2014 5:59 AM

I would never use a Kettlebell for strengthening the low back. I would do a couple of Yoga stretches like a child pose, the pigeon and cobra. Then I would get a foam roller and start working the IT band along the side of my legs and into the glute medius. ... more »

Reply to Atlanta supercross 2017 8/13/2014 10:18 AM

I live in Atlanta and didn't even know they were building the Falcons a new stadium. The Braves are getting one also. Its wonderful to see the economy doing so well (sarcasm).

Reply to Chad Watts: Miama Dolphins Themed Bike 8/13/2014 10:11 AM

Huge Dolphin fan and just found my screen saver for my phone... too bad its a Honda.

Reply to JS7 7/14/2014 9:14 AM

We should go back to blaming the Yamaha.

Reply to Dirt Rider with Destry Abbott - 2 stroke Vs 4 stroke show down 6/9/2014 5:12 AM

Destry is a stud on a dirt bike. It has been 7 years since I've been back to Arizona and seeing those riding areas.

Reply to Muddy Creek National 6/1/2014 5:51 AM

I might make the drive. I have always wanted to see a National.

Reply to JM19 5/26/2014 7:29 AM

I'm glad to see some blue 250s finally win races. Hopefully he and Webb can keep up their speed and make this a fun championship.

Reply to Dirt bike owner smokes the d bag who stole his bike 5/4/2014 6:52 AM

I wouldn't sell my bike to anyone in South Atlanta much less take it to them. I heard its a "jungle" down there....

Reply to Steel Framed YZ's 02-04 4/22/2014 12:01 PM

Nice ^^^^^^

Reply to Malcolm and BamBam....who would win in a MX brawl? 3/10/2014 9:54 AM

Malcolm is 165#s... Barcia is 140#s Like two Chihuahuas fighting... neither one of them would get hurt

Reply to Barcia is a real sweetie.... 3/9/2014 7:27 AM

that's the second time the Mookster has pushed another rider.... the AMA can't keep letting it go. Personally, I thought if they would have taken off their helmets and settled it like men right there that would have been awesome.

Reply to JGR! 3/5/2014 9:05 AM

Thats cool stuff right there... glad JGR can show a fan a little appreciation.

Reply to Things to do in Atlanta? 2/22/2014 8:10 AM

Don't eat the Varsity unless you have a cast iron stomach. That place will clean out your colon better than any medicine. The Coke museum is cool plus you get to try out different soft drinks from all over the world. Try Ron and Glady's for the best ... more »

Reply to A couple things not to do in Atlanta 2/22/2014 8:04 AM

Atlanta is about a dark of city as you can get. The black people inside the city have the worse attitudes of anyone that I know of. Even the normal black people try to get out of the city and out of South Atlanta. Of course if you go too far outside ... more »

Reply to Reed update 2/10/2014 5:29 AM

I broke my collarbone and couldn't sleep for a month due to the amount of pain. I wonder what type of fracture it is.

Reply to Pretty Pit Pix From Today At SanDiego 2/8/2014 7:19 AM

There is a little Mexican food place called Aldebertos (I think that's the spelling) on Point Loma that has the best deep fried shredded beef tacos. Its right across from the old 32nd street Naval Base. Love San Diego.

Reply to Atlanta SX 2 2/7/2014 7:08 PM

I agree there shouldn't be two anywhere. But if they are going to have two in Atlanta, count me in.

Reply to Yamaha went boom... 2/1/2014 8:59 PM

He is with Cycle Trader/ Rock RIver. There is no reason to enjoy the smoke show.

Reply to Cooper Webb's Practice Crash. DANG! 1/29/2014 7:54 AM

That's just a horrible feeling not having any control being on your front wheel like that. Glad he is ok.