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Davi got second place last year in Supercross and he is on pace for the same but I think Dungey catches him in points. Stewart crashes and then calls it in - it wasn't a hard crash but there is always something wrong with the bike after that. I don't ... more »

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I raced it when Alessi and Metcalf raced back in 06. Tough race and definitely not a motocross track style.

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She is a beautiful girl -

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2003 KTM EXC 300 First bike I owned as an adult: the compression would kick back and bruise the foot, it vibrated like crazy, the seat was harder than a 2x4 and it felt like you were sitting on a tuna tower in that thing. Once Ryan Clark gave one of ... more »

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Nothing sounds better than a 2stroke wide open being ridden by a pro

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Practice your sand riding. There is a lot of sand on that track. That was the hardest race I have ever done - so glad it was over. Go find a wash and practice riding in it. My f'ing Camelbacks always broke somehow - never got a bit of water during those ... more »

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Last year all the excuses went toward bashing the blue bike. This year new bike, same results as last year.

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Mind Blown

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It was too hard to hear Kevin - mic needs to be turned up.

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I broke my collarbone at Durhamtown - I shouldn't have been riding on those tracks because they all are pretty much concrete and havent seen a dozer in years. Matt is getting Cedartown groomed into a MX track - that thing has an incredible layout.

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I think if youre at that level, you should be able to adjust. The problem is like James, its between the ears. The younger riders are coming up and pushing the envelope and are willing to let it all hang out. Its a young man's sport.

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It means absolutely nothing.

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RV easily

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I do, usually drink two shakes a day. Its one of the few proteins that don't upset my stomach.

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It was a great track - there are no places close to Atlanta

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That is awesome!!!!

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So thats what it is like to go fast and throw a whip? Awesome !!!!!

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Honestly he looked the same on the yellow bike as he did the blue bike. Both bikes sat on their stands while the rider was injured.

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It was ok for that race but I wouldn't want to see it anymore - kinda like the stupid wall they build in the middle of the tracks.