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Forensic... what bike and what system was used to record and view the data?

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Can't speak for Kibby, but I would imagine his gear data comes from a sensor on the shifter cam.. which is probably on some of the modern 4 strokes today from the factory and is used for manipulating the fuel and timing, per gear, on the different "power" ... more »

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Mxtech1 sums it up pretty well. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have worked in the racing industry for the last 25 years. In most all other forms of racing, data acquisition and interpretation is integral part of the program... and has ... more »

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Had the opportunity to see him a couple of weeks ago at one of Matt Walker's races here in GA. I wasn't able to be there on race day due to other obligations, but was there Saturday during the practice sessions. He was traveling in a nice motorhome with ... more »

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Can't speak for the Shoei, but recently pulled the trigger on the SM-10. Really enjoying it. Very light, comfortable, and great airflow. I do have one pair of older goggles that don't seem to settle into the eyeport area as well as my others, but it ... more »

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Head mods can definitely make a bike "feel" different. Typical head mods involve modifying and reshaping the intake and exhaust ports (and/or valve seats) to change and improve the airflow through the head. If you just want to make more horsepower, you ... more »

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Interestingly following this topic as I have an '00 CR125 that I am planning to rebuild also. I too have been debating on what bore size to go with, as I have read over and over again that the 144's just don't "feel" like a 125 with regards to how they ... more »

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Just recently picked up the A-star SM10. According to the A-star measurement chart, I think I was on the upper end of the medium sizing. Debated on whether to go with a medium or large, as there was no where local to try them on. In all the other helmets ... more »

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Anything recreational related is currently maxed (street and dirt), sxs, jet skis, bicycles, guns, the entire boating industry, you name it. It's been a crazy spurt for sure. I fully expected everything to dry up when the pandemic hit, ... more »

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This. Friend had one of these for his enclosed trailer, that also doubled as his camper. He had a small little flapper door on the side for the exhaust and a little catch pan inside with the unit for the condensation. Worked surprising well. He could ... more »

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Yes, good point Lumpy. I used the ringing term loosely. I actually do squeeze it into a ball as you suggest. Your correct, wringing it is hard on the filters. Doing the squeeze method, I've never had a problem.

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Same here. Have a diesel/kerosene mix for initial cleaning, then a final wash with dawn soap and water. Ring it out and hang it up to air dry. Have 2 or 3 filters I rotate back and forth. Grab a clean one off the wall from last time, re-oil and I'm good ... more »

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Last nights RBSR was the perfect example of how the sport has changed with the transition to 4 strokes. Now I remember why racing used to seem so much more exciting. The bikes, the strategy, the skill, the talent, … the jetting factors. It was all on ... more »

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BD, Just out of curiosity, what gear was used for the dyno pulls on your bikes?... I'll assume 4th?

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Derek, I would be interested to hear more about your diet as well. Was this a long term change or something you did just while trying to bulk up? Did you maintain the weight or transition back afterwards?

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Is Honda of Houston still around? I remember them helping out Shane Lusk back in the day, along with a few other privateer riders.

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No mention of the new TLD SE4 helmet? I was considering it, along with the Bell 9. I'm a Bell guy, but I've seen comments here and there that the SE4 helmet is very nice in form and function. Anyone had a chance to check out the SE4's?

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Using the same battery for both would be the easiest, but I have witnessed instances where that causes the tps to have different readings... due to the potential difference, as you have stated. It will depend somewhat on the system and component grounding. ... more »

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Sounds like a fun project. You will need to find a way to tap into the RPM signal of the ECM. Technically, you would not be autotuning, you would be data logging... so you need to be able to reference the recorded air/fuel reading to the corresponding ... more »

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Tracktor, What intake manifold and reed assembly are you running? Which PC silencer, the standard or shorty? I take it the silencer is the one for the 02 honda? Thanks.