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Very nice, like the upgraded swingarm. I have been temped to do it myself. Sux you need the new hub/rear axle. Deal killer for me with extra wheels etc.

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Holy batman. The end results will probably be epic.

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They are still 6-speed. But good bike (had one as well) and this build will most likely deliver!

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Have Polar v800 (needs a strap), and Garmin Forerunner 610 (needs a strap), wife Polar m600 measure via watch,. Forerunner have lap by position, it's very user friendly, but GPS isn't that accurate. V800 have the best GPS, but it's pretty complex to ... more »

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Money sent

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"Of course without the proper documentation I can't say 100% The Goat threw a leg over it, but it looks spot on to me and every other knowledgeable MX junky that's seen it" Mkay. Any bike now has a clear to be maybe former whatever.

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Okay. So I stop at 4 (see above). This asks for the right settings in the watch which we have tried to cover already. If you have the time, or seen a video of someone setting it up, I would appreciate you posting it. I'm sure this will help others as ... more »

Liked a bike check Rideredmx2's 05 Honda CR 125 9/14/2017 4:05 AM
Liked a bike check Honda CR 125 '02-'03 SRS HRC by Larry Racing 9/14/2017 4:02 AM
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Ok? I thought he was signed during 2004 (April) for the 2005 season, doing his first testing May? 2005 bikes hit show room august? As in when the 2005 model was already made into production for the public? Different batches? Whatever he did to his race ... more »

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GPS is set on high accuracy, I even stopped the auto pause because I was walking too slow. The whole issue is the "location based" and the "specific location" and the "Location guide" "set starting point" as in all them seems to be accessible ONLY when ... more »

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I'm doing something wrong here. No laps were created by just pressing start after the GPS signal was located (settings: cycling, automatic lap on location, gps high accuracy, auto paus) I had a space where I walked in circles (20 meters in diameter). ... more »

Added reply in a thread Anyone have any info/specs for an 07 rm250 9/13/2017 4:20 AM Good bike. RC made the 2006-2008 better (rake etc)

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Thank you. I'll try next time I hit the track. Very good to have you around! Cheers

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Damn. Sorry to hear you have medical issues. Bike can wait...

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Are you still at Polar? Just bought an v800 (went from Garmin who has less GPS accuracy) to do moto and I wonder how to set up my v800 (be specific) to create laptimes to view on track (and at home). Figure it's auto lap, GPS normal, (I set auto paus ... more »

Updated bike check YZ250 2006 9/7/2017 6:46 AM
Liked a bike check 2016 KTM 125 TLD Washougal Replica 9/7/2017 6:45 AM
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2003-2004 is probably the best YZ250 ever build. The 2002 frame is about 1 lbs (?) heavier, and more rigid, they altered them for 2003. The 2002-2004 rear shock is really good (in my opinion) I even think DV run a 01 stock rear kyb shock on one of his

... more »