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How did that restore go? I had one of those 1985, rode Barkaby plenty. Since I was tall 15 year old back then, I was picking between that and a CR125 1983, which was clapped to say the least. Loved the big wheel, very nice chassie, and the engine was ... more »

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Not a true comparison, but I just bought a KTM 125SX 2018, been on Japs for decades, and sold the yz125 for this buy. I'm newer going back to yz125 after this. The KTM is a better bike on all levels, I even prefer the Aer forks before the KYB SSS. The ... more »

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I took a dig into this a while ago. I have owned about 4 GPS watches. Garmin is a bit more simple, manageable. Polar v800 has the best GPS receiver. Plenty haven't the software to create lap times (Like Suunto Ambit, great watch, great GPS reciever), ... more »

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Good eye. I agree.

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1. Aiden Tijero 587 2. RV 2 3. Wil Hahn 65 4. Jace Kessler 51

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So deal is set?

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Engine case (with id), price?