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Let it go He finally has

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No but it’s a fair assumption to say he probably wants to cut over heads.. Owning your own facility doesn’t seem a sure fire way to consistently run top 5. Having your own compound could be a thing of of the past? . paying a fee to use a professionally ... more »

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Except villo didn’t travel to the other side of the world at 18 for 30 years with his then 18 year old girl friend to achieve his dreams! Different path’s different journey’s .....both legends

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I spent 15 years dreaming of getting back on a dirt bike after racing 80’s and 125’s as a kid. Finally I got a Suzuki 250 purely on price point and I fucking love it.. don’t care about the fancy bits .. ..I’m just loving a modern 4 stroke and riding ... more »

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Seemed to slow his exit out of the next turn though and not triple out ...Webb had that triple out of that corner dialed every lap .. definitely slowed tomac up a bit and then he’d scramble to get it back for the next 1/2 a lap

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Haha. I wondered if any one picked up on that In the main event . Ralph. “Tomac has been busy building a new shed but he’s been having trouble with wood peckers”. I literally pissed my self laughing ..such incite ,

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I agree looks a lot spicier for sure

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It’s amazing all these fantastic ideas I own a Rmz and love it but fucked if I could be bothered coming up with ideas how to help a huge company re engineer or re market there off road motor cycle ..

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I’m Putting it out there. He pulls a top 5 in those last 7 rounds on a ktm 450: ....

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Yep epic interview. Surprised it didn’t get more traction here.

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Since Mathes Jt$ and Weege done a hilarious wrap of this amazing series. Lol Where u at

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Am I late to the party or did anyone notice Reed on ktm 450 not just the 250 two stroke

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I just don’t get why you would screen shot an awkward photo of Ryan and then basically bag him out.. I’m sure I could take a picture of you half tanked or speaking shit and make a similar post.. To each there own , There’s a lot more going on in the ... more »

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No there’s not .. but of you think your president is on the ball with this virus your tripping...

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It’s over for the season.

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I’d have to agree and he’s coming across as bit arrogant or maybe just a little too cocky on his podcast ..

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I think your statement is quite reasonable.. it is out of character for someone who always came across as someone who sticks things out. Could be a lot to read into it or absolutely fuck all. He just couldn’t be bothered. , I will say deleting every ... more »

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Ok. Here we go Guy. I actually think your a kook who runs a kook moto website for all us other kooks to get to have our say.! So cheers to you and all the other kooks out there Including me 🍻.

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What if still images don’t give justice to momentum...

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There’s obviously 3 Indians in the crowd who didn’t like that 😂