andymoto left a comment 8/18/2008 8:07 PM

Hey Donovan....
Another great NorCalmx'er and great person.
Welcome Donovan. Look forward to some updates regarding the team....always a fan here in your corner.
Best wishes always my friend and continued success on all your future endeavors.


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thanks buddy...the vanquish clothing guy is getting your help at steel city, cool deal. thanks!

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GuyB left a comment 8/8/2008 11:14 AM

Hey Dono, welcome.

I tweaked your profile icon a bit to prevent the top and bottom from getting clipped off. Hope that works okay for you.

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actually, got all classes...

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i have 99 results for the 125 wpjcs, who are you looking for? i'll work on scanning them... dono

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