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Great show of "leading by example" with your condescending reply to his condescending post. To your point, though, Cooksey IS entitled to his opinion (and given a weekly column to do it), as are the rest of us. IMO, it's been a weekly opportunity (except for maybe the Webb piece) to complain about something and overly dramatize it. CDM806 is right to say that the track was the same for everyone. The track was fine. It was tough. It got soft. It got rutted. A full gate lined up, and most made it to the end...just like every other SX/MX race. And just like every other SX/MX race, the fast guys found ways to go faster than the guys that aren't as fast. Isn't that the point? Good job, Ricky. I liked it.

"Moguls are what someone who doesn’t race motorcycles assumes would be a good obstacle." I think that RC guy would disagree.

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