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Reply to MEC SX Links 10/14/2017 6:39 PM

thanks, It just died though. anybody have anything else?

Reply to MEC SX Links 10/14/2017 5:57 PM

Some ppl on reddit said they will post a stream YT link at 9:30. If it works i'll post it. Nothing above is working for me.

Reply to MEC SX Links 10/14/2017 5:08 PM

I haven't seen any at all on reddit. Hopefully someone can find something before race time.

Reply to Does Jgr just do too much? 10/12/2017 9:36 AM

I wonder that all the time. But at the same time, does anyone remember when JS7 came out and bad mouthed them after he got hurt and while he was still in the team and then Davi Millsaps went out got top 5 finishes like the rest of the season.