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Looks comfortable.

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I swear, if you gave me a billion dollars if I could repeat once sentence that either Ricky or Ralph said Saturday night, I'd be broke. I'm watching the racing. I don't need hang on every word that Ricky or Ralph says to understand what's going on. FFS, ... more »

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Or my favorites, when I have "NO TRADES" as the last line of my ad, someone asks me, "Interested in any trades?". And they usually want to trade me a utility quad, or an AR-15. I've sold two bikes in the last month and I wanted to pull my hair out. Tried ... more »

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If you are a casual gamer, you will hate this game. It takes a lot more user input to go fast and do it consistently. I dare say it plays more like a sim. The learning curve is steep. Not MX Sim steep, but steep. This is not a reskin of MES, the game ... more »

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You guys. Douchebag(s)? Unless some posts have been deleted, there is only one poster here suggesting that, it was by Xracer. Call him out specifically, don't try to create a mob of idiots where there isn't least not in this thread.

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LOL, dang dude, you don't like Reed do you? Did he not sign your Chad Reed lunch box, or something. Wait...carmfarm...Carmichael Farm...RC, is that YOU?

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Movie Maker is about as simple as it gets as far as video editing. Like you said, it has its limitations, but it's a great platform to learn on. And your computer doesn't have to be on steroids to run it. I only do stuff that I share with family and ... more »

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Congrats on your last chemo Cameron! Long-time follower on YouTube, the bike is amazing. Those Bolt chain adjusters are life-changers, you're going to love them.

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Me either. He does some nice videos.

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It's a Kawasaki.

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"Roczen was extremely fast that year." There, you answered your own question.

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I've never been to Snowshoe, but I've skied the Boone, NC area (almost on the Virginia state line). The latest I've skied there is Presidents Day weekend, and I've seen it hot enough to wear a t-shirt, and I've seen it cold enough to get 8" of snow in ... more »

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So the points normally awarded for three races should be awarded for one night of racing? Three 12 minute races? Basically, we're adding six more rounds to the SX series (based on points paying gate-drops). And 54 people voted "yes" for this. FFS.

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Lol, I'm a YETI (cooler) dealer and have been for the last 10 years. When my buyer first brought those things in back in 08', I told him that he had lost his damn mind. Nobody was going to pay $350-$750 for a cooler! We couldn't keep them on the shelves. ... more »

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Okay, I'm drawing a blank. Which show did the Super Dave bit appear on? I remember it being funny as hell, but I can't remember the show.Oh, and RIP Super Dave.

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Two stoke, I've done the whole enchilada. Four strokes, I've done everything but split the cases.

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If I have one gripe, this would be it. There seems to be an over-emphasis on "teaching" the sport to the viewing audience. I assume this is by design. Supercross has been around for almost 50 years now, if you don't have the jist of it by now, you're ... more »

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Yes, and I've been beating that drum for years. Most of the people complaining live in a vacuum. By that, I mean that moto is their whole lives, and they don't have any other (sports) references to rely on. There have been sh*tty announcers all the way ... more »

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Wow! Amazing bike!