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There's another really good one on Netflix called, "The War". It's different from most documentaries in that it focuses equally on what was going on at home during the time the men were at war. Mainly on the families, but also on the war effort and how ... more »

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36 for me.

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I was about to post the same thing, she looks just like Nicole.

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I'm from Georgia and I laughed my ass off at that one. Also, "I'm sure he's not talking about Florida". Oh, and I did go out and eat last week. Mexican. It was good. Damned good.

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Gone With the Wind. This is noteworthy because I'm from the south.

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Rocky II Empire Strikes Back Dark Knight

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If I'm not mistaken, the quote was (referring to Howerton) "I beat him, fair-and-square, on a tub of shit 30lbs heavier than he was riding. ..." Lol, damn that guy was awesome!!!

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"Bold New Graphics"

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Could your fork be sucked-down (air seeped into the negative chamber)? When you said that you hardly bottom out, it made me think about that. If you have to put too much air pressure in the fork to achieve your desired sag, then it will totally jack-up ... more »

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Winner. I think Broc Glover is one of the most under-appreciated riders in history. His rides on those production-based YZs versus the full factory bikes is the stuff of legend IMO. The guy beat David Bailey riding a full factory RC500 on a pig YZ490. ... more »

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This. Turn your rebound clicker out to the mid-way point. Start there, and tinker a click either way. I like mine two clicks faster than mid-way.

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I bought the YZ125 that year, huge mistake.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I've been looking for something to read. "With The Old Breed" by Eugene Sledge is a really good book, as well. It was part of the basis of the mini-series "The Pacific". My wifes (step) grandad was a Naval Aviator in WWII. ... more »

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As a kid I had the red/white/blue Team Honda jersey like Marty, and I wore that thing to do school at least once a week.

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RIP Marty. Like a lot of you, Marty was my first moto hero. Such a shame.

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If you're not following Gary Bailey's YouTube channel, you're missing out. MX legends, exotic factory bikes, long lost tracks, it's all there. And the audio....damn, just listening to those crisp factory 2-strokes.

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***E7 spoiler in response*** I wonder where they'll go with the show next season, I think they've taken this storyline (outside of the park) as far as they can go with it. If it's just Caleb leading a rebellion against Serac/technology, then it's really ... more »

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I think (know) the reason Chernobyl wasn't as impactful at the time was because of the limited information we had coming out of the Soviet Union. They controlled the story to a great extent, and it wasn't until later that we realized the full extent ... more »

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The direct-to-consumer model has certainly taken hold in the MTB market with YT and Canyon becoming a force. I think it's a sign of the times.

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Great bike! My son has the 2019 ST alloy version. That is a great bike, and he shreds on it. 130mm of travel is more than enough for us east coast riders (unless you're doing resort runs). I actually ride the Camber Carbon 18' model and it has 120mm,

... more »