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Sounds like a popular place I used to ride up here in Georgia.

Added reply in a thread Will there be 2021 SX? 8/12/2020 5:45 AM

Depends on what happens in November.

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Yea, but there was a freak of nature riding the thing. Doesn't count.

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I haven't bought a new road bike in years, my current ride is a 13' Roubaix. That is buck nasty, but I'm too old and decrepit to get into that aggressive riding position. I have a friend who's a Specialized brand ambassador, I think she's about to pull ... more »

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Ditto, I was there as well. My girlfriend at the time reluctantly went with me because all of my friends bailed. She took a book to read during the race, but never cracked it open. I can tell you that she, or no one in my section, sat down the entire ... more »

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I agree with most of what you said, except this: With parity comes less star power. David Bailey Jeff Ward Broc Glover Rick Johnson Johnny Omara Ron Lechien There was a time when all of these guys were on the track at the same time.

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Yea, I thought I was looking at the new GasGas for a minute.

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You only have to kill the engine once to remind you to keep the clutch pulled in.

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LOL ya'll got SDS (Shaheen Derangement Syndrome). I can assume that most of you complaining have no other sports interest other than moto. Am I right?

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Here's my 18' Camber Comp Carbon at Coldwater Mountain in Anniston, Alabama a few weeks ago. This is the beginning of the "Rock Slot" trail. Great trail system!

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Go back and listen to the song, "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley. If anyone thinks the media is in the business of informing them, then they are extremely naive. The media is big business and they need civil unrest, war, scandal, etc., to get eyes on their ... more »

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I think if Dungey and KDub had a baby it would be Chase Sexton. He reminds me of both of them.

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I get what you're saying, but the alternative was to finish the season 7 rounds short. Whether anyone here wants to acknowledge it or not, the c'ship would have been tainted, or at the very least, a little hollow. Now ET3 gets to finish what he started, ... more »

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Give up and just let him play legos like he wants haha! This. Just let it happen naturally. If you push it on them, it will only make it worse. There't plenty of time for him to get the bug, but be prepared for the chance that he just doesn't have any ... more »

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Tomac's objectives should be: 1) Score 4 points. 2) Stay the f*ck away from Webb.

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I think there have been more (factory) Kawi DNFs than any other brand over the last few years (250 & 450). Especially outdoors. Remember all of the problems Eli was having with his brakes those first couple of years? He also had bike lock-up at either ... more »

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The only way that works is if there's a storefront (like you mentioned). The biggest issue with DTC in mtb is warranty service, moreover, the time involved in sorting out claims. If you take a look at any big mtb forum (pinkbike, vitalmtb) you'll find ... more »

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Trolling is so 2018.

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One of the distinctions of a fanboi is that they have to tear a rival rider down to build theirs up. And their IQs are generally pretty low.

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Ever since I learned what a hack job Tom Wolfe did to the memory of Gus Grissom, I can't make myself watch that movie again. I don't know what that man did to him to drag him through the mud the way that he did. The man should be celebrated as a national ... more »