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This man gets it. I love a 2-stroke like the next guy, but I'm also a realist. They ain't comin' back guys, get over it and move on with your lives.

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Roczen on a 2020 model. Cancelling pre-order that I haven't ordered yet.

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Is this still available?

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Happy birthday Scottie!!

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I was a huge fan of his dad back in the 80's, when I was a fan of NASCAR. Great to see Chase keep the family legacy going.

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Same here. I started mtb back in 98' and haven't looked back. Yea, I've ridden moto some during that time, but everything about mtb is more appealing to me now. For all of the reasons you listed, plus, the therapeutic benefits.

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I would agree with this.

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I'm not into RC, but I love restoration/build channels. That 77' F150 body he did out of wood is a-fking-mazing. Dude is a special talent, for sure.

Added reply in a thread Ryno's Post about the Sport 11/6/2020 1:20 PM

Things happen quick in this sport, no matter how many hours you spend training and honing your skills. One little kicker on a jump face, one little hole in the track. Just look at what happened to CR22 at Milleville. Dude was railing one minute, and ... more »

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I've never been a fan of Kawi's, one of the few bikes I never owned, maybe something about hating the color green. That being said, there are two models that just do it for me, the 1979 KX125/250 (the ones with the gold rims) and the 1990. The 90' looked ... more »

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Championship contender, or not, SX is just a little more fun when Mookie is out there. Dude has a style that's unique as hell. Take away the trademark dreads and Seven gear, and you can still pick him out of the crowd. That cat just abuses the track. ... more »

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It is. I run a large (independant) hardware retailer here in Georgia and we sell both Kilz and Zinsser primers. I've only used the Kilz, but we sell a lot of the 123 as well as the BIN. It seems to have a more loyal following from the pro guys.

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Put some Kilz primer on that crap.

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Nooooooo! WTH?! I'm in shock right now.

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Don't come to the SE, it's reserved for all of the people escaping the upper midwest.

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The Challenger doc on NetFlix is pretty good. If focuses very little on the event itself, and focuses more on the decision making processes that led to the explosion/breakup. Several engineers from Morton-Thiokol are interviewed as well as NASA directors ... more »

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Agree. I'm wondering what everyone was expecting. AMA minimum weight? Autopilot mode? Bakes cookies in the airbox? Really, what am I missing?

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I've had two major close calls on the road bike, both times doing 35mph+. One of the incidents, I could have reached out and touched it we were so close. At my local mtb trails it's like a deer safari, we are constantly jumping them. So yea, my head ... more »

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I just cancelled the pre-order that I haven't ordered yet.

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That was me. I never liked the pre-2002 plastics, at least the side panels. They were very dainty looking to me. Any side panels that need a MIT engineer to fit a three-digit number on make no sense to me. But.......all of this is VERY subjective, and ... more »