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Cant speak on the 65 but my boy has been running a 19 85, same motor as the 65. He has put 120hr on it only thing I've done is 2 top ends and clutch. Head bearings and front wheel bearings didn't last long.

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What the fix to prevent the VCT from plugging up.

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Make sure there is not a ECO mode switch on the generator, My Champion has one when I forget to flip it off it will trip to overload.

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Add in the couple hundred of lap riders and anything can happen. I say top 15 if he doesn't DNF, best of luck to the man. Nice to see GNCC getting more press on social media, overall helps the local Harescramble promotions, plant the seed and watch it ... more »

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If your running Dutch this weekend, you will be fine on the moto setup. Soften the suspension a tad, not a lot of tight single track down there. Make extra adjustments on your suspension after you run the 2 tests, plenty of time to make adjustment between ... more »

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I was going back and forth YZ or RM didn't want to pay KTM prices for a mini, ended up with the YZ 19 model, the new power valve motor is a little ripper. My boy would rather ride the YZ than his KX100. Only mods are a milled head and PC silencer runs ... more »

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I just pulled apart my boys 19 YZ85 same motor. Ill look for something like that, it looks like exhaust carbon on the end.

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Sherco makes a 300CC 4stroke with KYB suspension. I've ridden a couple really good bike. I currently have a Sherco 300 2stroke and a 350 KTM both 17 model year, I would make the switch and let my KTM go for 300 4Stroke Sherco with KYB.

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The covid-19 will sicken many yes we all know that. I work in a medical setting and have for 20+ years. What I have seen is a large part of the population reliant on pharmaceuticals, they need to control condition brought on by many different reasons ... more »

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I want one of those tanks

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What did it take to mount it up.

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13 years sober, No random Handcuff flare ups No worrying about getting stopped on my way home from the track or anywhere No arguing with the wife, kidding that never stops haha No bar fights Life is as good as you make it, when you come out of the fog. ... more »

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My Boy is racing a 19 YZ85 55hrs on it and its holding up really well. I was also looking into the super mini route, going to have to sell the blue bike, and buy one of the Orange bikes, eventually when he makes the move up to supermini. To costly to ... more »

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That was the only complaint I had with my 15 300RR, the forks, might be think Beta again for the next round.

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Im 230lbs and a vet rider, had a 14 RMZ450 sold it for a 17ktm350, yeah I'm in control now, haha.

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I've got a 17 sherco factory 300, I've been Hare scrambling Vet A for 2 seasons now have a good 150hrs on her, she is well broken in, haha. never had any engine issues, I have had some electrical issues with the PV plug and the voltage reg, starter has ... more »

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My 15 Beta 300rr had a kicker, I never used it once in the 2 years I owned the bike. My Sherco has no kicker, Ive never needed a kicker, batteries and the starters are so reliable now, I see no need for a kicker.

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I was there watching you kill it. My 10 year old son asked me, dad did you see the guy on the old YZ1.2.5 couldn't believe how fast you where going, he was out in the woods watching. Next time your back in Michigan at a XC event you have a fan.

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Took my family to the Ironman GNCC Last year and camped, boy raced 65cc class, wife isn't a big go to the races kind of gal, she already put her vacation request in at work so we can go again, its more than just the race.

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Told my wife the boy needed a 85 last winter, bought the cheapest KX85 on CL $350 which was an 01, wanted her to be OK with the purchase. $2800 dollars later, he had the best looking vintage KX at the track, 8 gate drops later I sold it to his buddies ... more »