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Reply to Bowers!!! 2/4/2018 12:41 PM

I heard he hurt the ground.

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Reply to Tyler Bowers, I hope he is ok 2/4/2018 6:10 AM

Haven’t heard anything but that looked gnarly.

Reply to NEW 2018 products 2/3/2018 11:11 AM

Where did I say this was the first I had heard of it? This was the first time I have talked to lump since the accident. Whatever disagreements we may or may not have it sucks he got messed up like that. It’s good to see he’s feeling better.

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Sorry to hear about your accident Lump

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He says they are made here they must be.

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Is it YOUR OWN radiator line if someone else makes them in another country?

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Having your fingerprints on them should make them priceless. I'd pull them off the bike immediately and hang them in a Chinese Museum.

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That sucks! Calf looked good.

Reply to Couple more things that just kind of piss me off...... 11/13/2017 6:21 AM

This is the kind of life I aspire to live.

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So where is the good news?

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I can coach you here. First thing you need to do is wash your face more often.

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This stealing shit is getting brazen! Smash and grab!

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Bummer deal! I'm hoping the rebuild goes quickly and people get their lives back.

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What kind of man doesn't? My pocket Knife is on me anytime I leave the house. It get used as a screw driver more than anything.

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Cankle Nipples?

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No way call a motorcycle shop? You are a god damn genius!

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What's up with trying to draw a foul on three pointers.

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I understand why someone would have thought that about Dungey at that time. He sure proved some people wrong. Compare his career to JS7 or MA800 and it's shocking how under the radar he was. Yet he ends up with a far better career.