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what the f did I just read?

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19 years and we have 3 teenagers (13, 14, 16). Finally called it quits 1 year ago. Sharing a living space is a horrible idea. If she doesn't work, you may be on the hook for maintenance (formerly called alimony). THAT will make you grumpy. Child support ... more »

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Beware of the timeshare peddlers. I went to college in Springfield and had a good friend that worked at Silver Dollar City as an entertainer. A group of us college friends went there all the time for free. Good times back in the day. Dixie Stampede. ... more »

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I like it. Where can I listen to more? When I was in high school in the 80's Priest was always one of my favs. I put this style of music in rotation when I go on long runs.

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I want to move from the pastures of KC to SoCal hoping to make it in the movies. I've never acted, but I'm sure I'll do fine. Any advice? Currently living in my parents basement.

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I was playing a car racing video game with my buddy. I was catching up, had him in my sights, and I said "dude! I'm comin' on your ass!" That was 15 years ago I had a Ralph moment. To this very day I still get razzed about that one.

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WYZE camera from Amazon. $25. I have 3. Using the app, you get instant live view. Put a 4gb microSD card and it will record about 7 days worth of data, then go back and overwrite itself. no subscription. hard wired. indoor/outdoor with special case. ... more »

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You can buy a small house for the cost of that booger. Very nice ride.

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I'm in market as well for a 29r. The bike shop guy told me $3,000 was a tricky price point because that is the lower end of the high end bikes. once you get an idea of what you want, check out competitive cyclist online. You can save 40% or more (I can ... more »

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Someone put a bumper sticker (magnet) on my truck that said "I heart in my ass". The heart was picture of a heart. I drove around town for 2 days until I noticed it.

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don't even talk to me about stupid usernames.

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We have fun with Alexa. My 12 year old is, well, typical 12 year old "Hey Alexa, Simon says dad you are a butthole". Then says "repeat" just for good measure.

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Once a month I get a letter from the city offering insurance for just this type of thing. It states that from my house to the main line, my responsibility. Last summer there was a leak on just the other side of the line. They had to tear up our driveway ... more »

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I wear a blue parka. Works fine when sitting in my truck pointing the spotlight in the woods as I drive down the road.

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That pic made me smile.

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exactly. Took me a while hanging out with a bike shop owner friend of mine to fully understand the tactics involved.

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corn hole is a pool side drinking party game. Bragging rights.

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My son told me last night, "when I grow up I want to be a YouTuber". I don't get it either, but more power to these people. If you can find a way to generate the traffic, you deserve to be paid. Sad part of generating traffic or "likes", some youngsters ... more »

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Hard to understand half of what they say. Still haven't watched the last season yet.