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Think that you must remove all other material than aluminium on the swingarm. Nuts inside the swingarm (chain tensioner) Brass thing that connects the shock I asked a anodizied company, they needed the exactly aluminium that the swingarm is produced ... more »

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Do he still have the old semitrailer ? buying a new? boxvan ? driving to races ? He folded the old team.. boost mobile money covers it... or ? lars wrench now Honda coming back?

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any news ? my 16 will look old if a use 2009... why KTM ? Why ?

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1)The tank to hold the twostroke oil breaks/ starts to leak 2)Some don´t get oil at all.... BAD 3) TPI new software upgraded version 4)Bad engine cases : cracks same for the 2017 model

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on a heavy Suzuki... if Phil can ride you local racer can... buy a Suzuki..

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Hate the white airbox and fender... from behind so to speak

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Do Honda still supply parts to CR 125 ? So if a team a have unlimited cash, we can buy 10 bikes in parts and make them as quick as Steve Lamson honda. How quick is that bike /new Lamson) compared to a new KTM sx125 ??

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Goose as a mechanic ? Lars 22 wrench as a Powerunit builder, sorry engine builder? Trailer ?

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My son got a new in april Its not okey to not having spare visors for this year model Fox You really need to fix this

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Running shoes

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Stefans son Liam riding a new husqvarna 85 now. Do you guys think that he will be running a husky team instead of suzuki next year?

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Also miss JS7 and JMB starting friday after 50 hours work with a Heineken
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Agree. Before the riders earned 9000sek (900eur) if they qualy. Now they have to pay 900eur just to start.. Luongo think that mxgp is F1 High cost and only 22 drivers Luongo have bad luck then thinking

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the nihilo tool for piston height, is that an improved height or just like Ktm decided ? Thinking that Ktm are better safe than sorry in their head to be workable in all differentierad coutries/fuel Any vital member that have tested a lower tolarance ... more »

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Someone got a picture of a Suzuki crate ? Honda crate looked exactly the same.(as chads) Maybe all Japanese crates are from the same supplier. cheers My first Friday beer...

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Production stop on that bike.! One bike looked up completly at a race last weekend here in sweden. Sitting on idle behind the starting gate. Another bike seized at dynojet bench. KTM forgot twostroke oil in the gas! confirmed after gasoline test. any ... more »

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any info ? Same fault on both engines ? No airfilters

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Have anyone seen him working out? Of bike i mean. Figure he cant running or mtb on the JS ranch.

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Good work Fast Freddy. Some one have to give him a factory ride...
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