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Have TM improved the TPI system ? Have a TE250 lec 2017. But sooner or later I´ll need a new bike. No new carb bike to buy... Ktm don´t have a "safetyloop "on the oil pump, nothing thats monitoring that it´s working. For mecanical faliure and air trapped ... more »

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Don't like the white airbox, and rear fender. Thinking of going fluo orange and black, no white

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Old rear fender with new kit? How to

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Possible Honda for JWR.. or was just that gossip.

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I’m also to old, 44. Clear cerakote hold up?

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Does anyone sleeps in a semi ? no ? So the paddock is completely empty of people in the night ?

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Noren at JGR ? Noren at twotwo on a Honda ?

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Showa?? sss kyb bad?

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if Chad really wants 250 starts.. Cant he buy his racebike from JGR ? or buy a new RMZ450 and buy technicaltouch suspension and a hinson clutch Weekend warriors that can afford that, so could he. Ask DW15 to lend his sprinter van done

Started new thread chad watts YZ125 not ready ? 10/4/2019 2:08 AM

Watts Perfections YZ 125 Oem swing arm with the black coating and chain guide lightened.... Is it ready ? have I missed it ?

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Keihin with a STIC is better than Mikuni Any dyno ? Lectron vs STIC ?

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Tested clear cerakote on cases and exhaust?

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heard on the Streets.. Everts have a contract for running Suzuki GP team including 2020 season. He spended all the money to fast and asked Suzuki for more.. NO Everts folded the team and Suzuki wont buying him out of this GP contract. Maybee 2021 Rmarmy ... more »

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Oscar better watch kawis front brake

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toolbox in racevan I have a toolbox, 3 drawer and the lid. Problem is that you cant place the toolbox against the wall. The lid is too thick. Better to have edges? on the top and a thin or flat lid. Locking mechanism are just a rod connected to lid. ... more »

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have star racing a super engine guy ? king of horsepower... anyone with inside info ? Cosworth are doing engine to mx2 team Kawasaki would be cool too compare these two

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Go yzf svingarm!

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I am thinking your are right about that. So TM have to step up and have some bikes out there racing. To start a demand on the bikes and then dealers and sales comes to them. Snatch Liam from KTM