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*SOLD* Thanks for all of the calls and texts on it. Mike

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165 Vet pro mx. Its set up really well. It'super plush and just won't bottom.

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For Sale: 2019 YZ125. 1.5hrs total hrs on it. Max power 151 kit $1750, Kashima /Ti Nitride coated suspension done in Japan through Race Tech $4000, R-Tech plastic upgrade kit including gas tank $1500, Rekluse Torque Drive clutch $1000, complete Guts

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I've got a brand new one here at my house. Never ridden or even started. 508 243 1232.

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outinthesticks left a comment 8/19/2020 8:53 AM

Hey Digger29,

I was reading a thread where you were commenting on blocking the power jet on a 2003 rm 250. I'm in the process of tearing down my carb and I plan on blocking the power jet as well as sending my head and cylinder off to Tom Morgan.

I was wondering though, do you have any experience disconnecting the TPS? Is that something you'd recommend doing?


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Sorry, listed from my phone and I can't even figure out how to edit the listing. $8900 or best reasonable offer. Thanks 😊

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2020 KTM 450 factory edition. 25hrs. Absolute mint condition. Needs nothing. Ridden in the vet class by 61yr old.

Call or text 845 283 2322 ... more »

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Tech Touch KYBs in WP. Just serviced and setup for 220 lb vet A by FC. Also have .51 springs. $2000. Call or text 845 283 2322

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The 06 pipe is a better pipe and I'm pretty sure it fits with just angling the lower mount a little different. Not positive though. I had all of them from 96-07 and I used to know what parts fit which yr but I'm old and can't remember shit these days ... more »

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I've got $1500+ in Ti bolts and fasteners on my Rockstar FC450 from you guys and everything has been a perfect fit and look trick as hell in comparison to the John Deere tractor nuts and bolts that come on the KTM/Husky's :-) ... more »
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Last Sunday at Central Village over the front triple. Makes me pretty happy that I'm easily the oldest guy still jumping all of the big jumps here in New England. We're finally starting our racing season next Sunday. I'm jonesin to get out ... more »
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I love mine. I changed the rear sprocket to a 50, full FMF system with a shortened can, 2 stroke air filter cage, remapped the ECU and picked up 3hp. Tossed the garbage bar mounts and went with Xtrig with the soft elastomers, Pro Taper fuzion ... more »
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He's been working on my bikes for the past few seasons. His prices are more than fair and he answers the phone when I call. I've sent many people from New England and from this forum to him and I've never heard one complaint about him.

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I can't help you with the specs but it's the bar that I run on my Rockstar 450 and I'm 6' tall and was looking for a bar that was slightly taller and had less sweep than the stock bar so I called them and that's the bar they sent me. I love the bar and ... more »

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I'm 215 and vet expert. I was in that same school of thought as you and I went down as low as 130psi in the forks and was at 20 and 20 on the clickers but after talking with Billy at Powerband and setting my shock up with less sag and stiffer overall ... more »

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That part is available in the power parts catalog. Try AOMC's website because they generally have all that stuff.

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The 19.5/2020 KTM and Husky shock doesn't have enough rebound or H/S comp and I feel that is making the forks feel even worse in my opinion and it seemed like I was chasing a good fork setting every weekend and I hate that. Anyways here's where I'm at ... more »

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I completely disagree with that analogy. I've always done very well on the resale on all of my cone valves maybe losing $100 but in my opinion I'd never see a dime on the money spent KYB kit or any of the higher end spring kits because it's not going ... more »

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Yup, the stock header is really good. I brought it when we dyno tuned 18.5 FE450 at the Motolab in CT in the spring of 18. He also was pretty sure that T4 would make more power than the Renegade SX4 that I was running so we tuned with that as well. The ... more »

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I had one of those too. I definitely loved the bike and did quite well on it.