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I get a phone call from my sister saying she has found me an old XR75 to do up. I pick up the old girl not knowing much about it. It turns out its a 1974 K1. The second year of the XR75 and the last of the full gun metal gray models. These old girls

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As usual, your work is perfect macolmedo. Out of all my bikes, my rm80b is probably my favorite and sits in the mancave. I had been searching for one for years.. and was lucky one day as one popped up on Ebay, and it was only 3000 kilometers away. I

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Keeping an eye on this build as i love the old 83' YZ125. Make sure when you order the radiators, that they are definitely 83 ones. GPI and the rest always advertise the radiators as 83/84 but of course the cap on the 83 is on the left and the tank is ... more »

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The best expansion chamber you will ever get for the that 175G is still made by Geoff at GMC in Australia. He will build a cone pipe for it that fits perfectly, is designed for that model, looks a trillion dollars but only costs a million, and gives

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A good choice of bike. The K was the bike of choice between the K, L and N, as the latter two had performance and reliability issues. The K was made from old bullets and couldn't be killed. When your checking over your frame, have a look at the area

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Burst out laughing with that line.. no one can be that perfect...thats Mathilde on steroids....

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I thought it was funny and loved seeing the 2T's ripping it around the track. Pure entertainment... side show alley, WWF, fun, belly laughs.. If it was getting old, take the time out to have a shit, or grab a beer.... Even back in the day we had Doug ... more »

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Ha, true Macolmedo, the restorations take over and you spend all your time working on bikes and fussing over them, and not riding. I have started the YZ125G, and i am working on an XR75K1, and also a YZ250F 05 project.... as well as my two 83' YZ125's ... more »

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I bought a couple of MXM's jerseys. They are really good and he worked with me to customize them even more. The manufacturers stopped making decals, plastics and other stuff for our old bikes years ago. Love it when someone steps up and creates some ... more »

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Thats a good one. Seems to be nearly all original and all there. Get rid of that N seat cover, complete strip and rebuild and she will be fantastic.

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I sent my 1983 yz125k hoses to GPI and got silicone replicas made up. They now do them in yellow, black and red. Happy with the result and they are cheap. I also sent my rads, as there were no K ones at the time. These came back great too, but no nutserts ... more »

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Outer fork tubes have some corrosion on them that has gone powdery and quite deep. Wasn't worth trying to anodize. I do have my own anodising set up and will do the wheel nipples and a few bits in gold. Project has slowed down as I have a yz125g and ... more »

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Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda, oven cleaner) to remove anodising. Paint stripper to remove clear coat. YouTube to make sure you do it properly. Sand, buff and polish to get it shiny. Scotchbrite with the grain to get the factory look

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Thanks Falcon, They both took a few years to build up, but the Lechien bike had a lot more put into it. Jemco cone pipe, Race Tech suspension, Takasago rims, Gorr cylinder, DLS brakes.. Still ironing out the bugs.. just been talking to Matt Wiley at

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Its been a while since i attacked the 49th anniversary 250F. Got up at 4.30am today and got after it. Used the Yamaha fork rebuild kit, Tusk tools and 2.5wt oil to do the inner chambers, outer chambers, sliders and seals. Refitted the forks and applied

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Cheers fellas.. i am in Oz, i think the pump fuel i use does not have ethanol. If they blend ethanol in, they have to label it E85. I did however use regular fuel this time instead of the higher octane premium (being a tight wad). I have ordered two

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Cheers Hondas4Life3 I have ordered some oem head gaskets. A bit rare now, but they do come up on FleaBay. Will resurface the cylinders and heads and check studs. Have you ever used a higher pressure cap?

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Hi, Took both my old school YZ125's out to a ride park yesterday. (1983 K) Both blew the head gasket in the same spot.. at the back. Both started puffing white smoke after about 40 mins of medium pace riding. Bikes were not hot, in fact i was still running

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Thanks guys, yep i think it will come up nice. The boy has only just turned 12, but he is looking forward to riding it. We put the subframe, airbox and lower triple clamp (with new bearings) on today. Cheers,

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Hi, i originally posted this up in the Bazaar but it never got any traction (excuse the pun) Rebuilding a 1980 YZ125 and they came with a Bridgestone M20 rear. Impossible to get one of those (although i have the original, but worn down). So, chasing

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