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Exhaust is probably still red hot and its got a full tank of juice too!!

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I think Hunter Lawrence's 1-3 performance was the most impressive result out of the 250 class results. Think that should have been mentioned in here somewhere given it was kind of the surprise of the weekend.

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Lechien had a full factory works OW125 in 1983. I couldn't replicate it exactly, but built a tribute bike..1983 YZ125K

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Honda sold 20 million bikes..

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I have a few 70's minis in the mancave...

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And if anyone is curious as to how loud they were....

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My 77B is my pride and joy. I got it as a barn find. Still has original tires, grips, chain, piston, plastics, seat cover etc.. Only thing missing is the original front number plate.

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Great interview.. down to earth guy.. Good luck through the season Hunter..

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I have the 2019 YZ125 and couldn't be happier. At 54 years young, the light weight, low rotating mass, SSS suspension and all the other little goodies just make it a great bike. It never feels like its getting you into trouble. Light, nimble, fast, good ... more »

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Checked my old emails as I forgot what I fitted. They were yz/wr 465/250/450/80 Yamaha pegs. Can't remember if I changed springs and pins too. I have a 2019 yz125k2 as well, and will check if they swap over.

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For 1985, that old girl is in pretty mint condition. Its all there.... you just have to look past 40 pounds of decals, heat shields and spoke wraps. Those plastics would polish up well.. and you can tell the bike hasn't been ridden in years, as the fork ... more »

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Congratulations Dean on getting a factory ride... hope it all works out well..

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The old saying is.. only borrow for things that go up in value.. never borrow for things that depreciate. Im in Oz. A 250f will set you back about 12k. You borrow 12K and after a few years, you still owe 8K, but your bikes worth 6K and you will end up ... more »

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I dont have an answer to your brake arm question, but i just got a brochure through and thought you might like a pic of the 79 YZ100... Euro colors..

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My 74.. bought as a wreck and spent a lot of time scrubbing her up..

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As im a 54 year old vet, lugging around a heavy bike is not an option anymore. I decided to pull the pin on a 2019 YZ125. A few reasons. That mob in Melbourne has them going out the door for $7990 ($5700 USD). Thats a pretty good price.. so i grabbed

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The tribute bike sat on the back burner for a while.. but we finally finished her. Didn't anodize everything gold, but she still came up good and didnt spend too much money. However, we burnt up about 60 hours in labour. Frame and rims blasted, zinc

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