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We have a WINNER! opposed to all the WHINERS. You don't like Cali (or anywhere else) STAY OUT OF THE STATE. Simple, isn't it?

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A good friend recently got a great little cabin in Green Valley Lake, CA. He's got a street-legal dual sport, and I have a Green Stickered YZ250WR. I'm looking for trail/ride suggestions in that area that are legal for a Green Sticker bike. Anything ... more »

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Agreed! Especially that crap before the starts...... I do give the announcer 10 points for using the classic..."Katy bar the door" football coaches use to use that....

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Maybe the best comedian in the biz right now....LEGEND

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Love Ferrandis! He's a beast, and refreshingly honest on the podium. Looking forward to having him in the mix in the 450 class. Allez!!!

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Congrats to JJ! She's fast and fearless!

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We'll be there, masked up and pumped up! I'll be the old dude in the straw hat with the Glen Helen MXGP cowbell...

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Condolences YZ-MTB^^^, finding gratitude for having the person in my life helps immensely with the grieving. Peace to you and Dave's loved ones.

Started new thread Oct 10th FOX National Tickets now onsale! 9/14/2020 9:20 AM

They've opened it up for limited numbers, go get em'! ( We'll be there! )

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J Mart just trying to get in Dylan's head. Get him thinking about shit more than he normally would, get him off his game.

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Another us all...

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Feel better Mike!....and ride your MTB!

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I didn't even notice during the broadcast. That's some funny shit !

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Another "No Mask Warrior"......freedumb!

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They seem to forget that demanding your rights without acknowledging the responsibilities that come with them isn't freedom, it's adolescence. We are an idiocracy.

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Insisting on your rights without acknowledging your responsibilities isn't freedom, it's adolescence.

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Detroit Dick

I'm talking about Ms. Ford.

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Hard to find a good deal on a little bike on Craigslist right now. Used to be plenty to choose from, slim pickin's at the moment. This thing might actually be a real plus for the future of out sport.

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Great read. I love when they get multiple points of view, really helps round out the whole picture.