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Love this guy, fast as hell, fearless, keeps it real on the bike and the mic. Hope he's flying on that Susukki come summertime, mixin it up with Tomac/Anderson/Marvin/Barcia. Ever seen his MOTO 5 segment? He absolutely hurls himself down one of the sketchiest ... more »

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Was watching replay of S.D. last night, when Ralph went on about Mrs. Musquin's cats there was an awkward silence, then Jeff deadpans..."That's incredible, Ralph"..pure comedy gold, didn't catch it when it happened, but last night I shot black coffee ... more »

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It's all good if it's 2 wheels..

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I think taking one quote, or a few clips from a documentary and broad-brushing RV's career with it is a bit short-sighted. As fierce and determined as RV was/is, there was real beauty, and, I'm sure, real joy in the way he rode. He may well have hated ... more »

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My boy will be ready to move up to a 65 at the end of summer......gotta be cheaper than the Husky he wants....

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Ramping up for my planned summer assault on the 450mx title at age 56....(look out ET3). I remember some posts here about a "hot" book about core training/alignment that I believe KR and some others are using, but can't remember title/author....anyone ... more »

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Not a chance, @A2 McCarthy handcuffs Webb's GF to the HRC rig, and Cooper wins the championship by ripping off 10 straight main wins and a couple of top 5s...........STAMP. IT.

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Everyone who don't make the main races a bone stock, identical, Yamaha-provided YZ 125 in a 10 lap "Main Man Shootout"...winner goes straight to next week's main...

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Anyone know what Leatt's return/replacement policy is? I got my son a Fusion 2 brace/vest combo for Christmas, and before the poor guy could even ride in it his sister stepped on it and snapped it where the brace attaches to the vest. Do they offer discounted ... more »

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Jesus are we all a bunch of snowflake conservatives blaming liberals for absolutely everything that intrudes on our delicate little charade?

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Deano's ruled...that opening riff from "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" is one of the all-time greats.

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C'mon Brother Nico! You can do this.

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BB 4 JA 21 ET 3 MM 25 JM ?

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This year will be the first time we'll be getting to A1 early enough for practice/pit party. Wondering what the "In/out" rules are....can we go in/out of stadium during practice? or do we have to stay in once we're in? What about Pit Party...can we leave, ... more »

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Added a comment about feature Famous Last Words: Blake Baggett 1/4/2018 7:52 PM

Love this guy, he's funny and loving being a Professional Motocrosser. Knows how to be honest and not take himself too seriously...we can use more of this in Moto and Life In General!

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In my book, Eli's right on the money, I do believe it takes a more well, rounded, more versatile rider to win the outdoors. That said, I've nothing but respect for the MXGP riders, those guys have stepped it up in a big way.

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Mine is to check my sprocket bolts with a torque wrench before each and every ride in 18'....

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Ever since St. Louis I haven't trusted Reed much....this seals the deal. No MX!?!?!....... F that.