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I'd be all over a WR350F

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2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 had 2/3 being non-american is probably the closest it's been

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Noice. Rupert Murdoch's 3 stooges finally all gone

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I had an ECU remap which had leaned it out a bit, but I was getting 130-150km (80-95 mi) per tank on my 2014 350.

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There's a bit of food poisoning going round...

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Alot of the people testing the bike had made those comments that is was hard to judge at first, but really it's a matter of retraining yourself. There's still sound there, you'd just have to realign it with the pitch of the whining sound of the motor. ... more »

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Nice. Was there something there beforehand, or is the track made from scratch? Nice looking dirt

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Bizarre. >No one in AMA MX getting better results >No one in MXGP class getting any results >Alot of European eyes on AMA series watching Tony >New model they are trying to sell Nup, sorry Tony, can't help you bud

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RD was recovering from the bug thats been going round

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Wouldn't call it choking, more like brain fart. Doubt he would have done that if Roczen was closer

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Hopefully Evans gets back a bit of speed and consistency. Full Factory Honda team would be insane. Crazy, we are finally in an era where we can potentially win one of these things

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Young Ken was a bit flashier, tended to scrub more

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As JT mentioned in the Pulp review podcast, the man has so much going on during the day as well, with all his RacerX obligations on top. Crazy how sharp he generally is. Can forgive the odd slip up, like saying Hunter won the race

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In his interview on Swap, he remarked that his usual suspension setup doesn't work as expected, as the frame he runs in Europe is alot stiffer. What's the ruling on frame mods again? I thought they could add gussets to firm it up, but you can't remove ... more »

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Funny, read this thread earlier, and went out to mow the lawn, and found this little fella slithering away. Wee baby Red Belly

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Made some silly choices along the way which unfortunately took him out of the championship, but damn he was riding stellar this year. Real impressive run at the end there. Could be a bit of a darkhorse outdoors, at least for a few wins and championship ... more »

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Been thinking the same lately as well. Don't really see much in terms of all-time statistics in MXGP, but where would a 5th title put him? What's crazy is that he has probably crashed more than Herlings, but the dude appears to be made of rubber.

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God damn, this field is decimated.