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I’m unsure if 02-04 are the same? However I’m looking for a 2002 CR250 Cylinder. Mine needs a replate but would like to have a spare that’s ready to go. Not looking to pay an arm and a leg but I understand these aren’t cheap either. My email is ... more »

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In WNY the C Class is a sandbagging glory class. There’s people in the C class that have been riding C class for 4-6 years at least. They race most of the series to nearly point out then skip races to stay below the threshold.

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This is crazy!

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Unemployed who refuse to get a job and collect the enhanced unemployment while there are jobs out there

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Looking for JS7 magazines. Can you email me?

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As the title states, anyone?

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Looks like the piston to cylinder wall clearance was too tight. As BobPA mentioned, I agree as well.

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Jesus Christ. Are the people offended by Marchbanks’ pass the same group of people who don’t like it when you assume gender? Grow the fuck up. Racing is racing. I’m a new fan of Marchbanks after that pass!

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Ken and Tomac are the biggest crybabies in the class. Not a fan of either tbh. Webb is my guy and has been since he was on the 150R

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So been awhile since an update. I got the motor all tore apart and my friend sent me a message to get some vapor blasting done, did the motor for a great price so I couldn’t pass it up

After so, I made a couple orders out to get some ... more »
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I guess he didn’t work his ass off to get where he is. Some of you guys crack me up

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What is going on? The Oldenburg incident and now this? Christ almighty

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Forkner every week.

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Because Tomac didn’t win. Track was fine to me as well.

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Didn’t he do something similar at Loretta’s years ago? In the sand section?

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Little backstory behind this bike. In 2018, my best friend bought this 2003 RM125 for $500 and dumped a shit load of money into it. Well, it didn't help I locked the bike up on him on a fresh rebuild on accident

After he got it all rebuilt ... more »

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Grips, levers, bars, seat cover. Possibly footpegs. Being 5’11 and 160lbs, I usually just adjust the clickers, sag at 105mm and I’m set. As I’m only a C class rider.

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Send me a price for all,

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250f. For years I was 2 strokes (well, my whole riding career so 11 years), honestly, never raced a 4 stroke. I bought a 2011 CRF250R in boxes for $700 because if I can own one I’m going to be able to rebuild it. Honestly, other than the extensive wiring, ... more »

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Thank you. I’ll be updating as I get parts and such!