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New thread Piston crown erosion question 2/6/2021 11:53 AM

My son and I picked up a 1996 WR250ZH and are in the process of doing a partial restoration on it. It ran before tearing it down, but take a look at the exhaust side of this piston crown. It’s eroded and curved. I’ll be having the cylinder bored and

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New thread Build your own leak-down tester. 10/18/2020 3:53 PM

I wanted a leak-down tester and they cost over 200 dollars, so I decided to make my own. I used a solid acetyl copolymer rod and drilled it out and drilled and tapped the holes for the brass fittings. I bought the gauge from Amazon for 20 dollars. Came

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New thread Setting timing on a 1981 YZ125 using a dual guage. 11/4/2017 8:25 AM

I'm having trouble setting the timing using a Motion Pro dial gauge following a restoration. After finding TDC, then moving to the appropriate mm advancement, the mark on the fly wheel is at about 7:00 o'clock and I can't rotate the stator plate far ... more »

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New thread Riveted o-ring master link k vs. clip style master link 10/24/2017 4:18 PM

Any input on wether the riveted style, or the clip style master links are preferable on a dirt bike?

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New thread Chain Breaking and Riveting Tools Recomendation 10/22/2017 6:46 PM

Any ideas on what chain breaking and riveting tool to get? I tried a set from Amazon (inexpensive) and it won't rivet the CK chain link. In my opinion, it's a piece of s***. The chain pins that should flair are making dents into the tool and not mushrooming ... more »

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New thread 1981 YZ125 Steering Stem Seal Placement 10/17/2017 7:16 AM

I am restoring my 1981 YZ125H with my son and I have a question. How far down the steering stem do I install the top steering stem seal? I disassembled the bike completely a long time ago and forgot where the top seal is positioned. I saw a pick of a ... more »

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