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I will be there. I did the Chad Reed VIP experience last year. This year will be my first year I’m bringing my son. My first Dallas SX was when I was a kid in 1991.

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I live in Louisiana and I buy all my bikes from KTM of North Texas.

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If you weigh more than 210 pounds and have riding experience I would get a 450.

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Jean Girard

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I am 5’7. I put a lowering link on any bike I buy. I still can’t touch on some of them.

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Let me update my post. I ended up getting my son a StacyC and his riding improved tremendously. My son is short for his age and is jumping doubles in the backyard now. I would go StacyC and then PW. We have a StacyC, PW50,CRF50 and KTM SX E 5.

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He has a way to go before he is even the best Australian at 16. Reed had race one 125 race at San Diego at 16 in 99 and crashed out but. 1999 Australian SX Champ 16 years old 2000 Australian SX Champ 17 years old 2001 2nd in MXGP 18 years old 2002 AMA ... more »

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A 125 or 250 four stroke will be fine for an adult for a first bike. I wouldn’t get a 250 two stroke or a 450.

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In America he raced an RM125. He skipped the 125 in Australia. He won his day qualifier and I think crashed in the main. You can see the results in the RacerX vault.

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I would like to see them race the A2 2000 track.

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The curse has always been for a Supercross championship. The CRF450 has never won a SX championship. The closest I think was Reed in 2011.

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Yamaha used to hands down be the most reliable in the 4 stroke era but they have had issues with the 250F and 450 the last few years. My older KTM’s gave me problems but no issues with my 18 or 19. My Honda 450’s were good and the 250F had a few issues. ... more »

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CRF150R. Still a race bike but smooth power and easy to ride.

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AC and Webb are both great starters. I think it will be between those two and Tomac. Kenny hasn’t won a Supercross in years. I think he can get a win but I don’t don’t see him in title contention.

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I just watched every Supercross and every National from that year. It took me a few weeks. Just google the schedule and the races that aren’t on YouTube . You can find all of them . Now I am on 2002. I know about the bar to bar series but there is some ... more »

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I started liking him when he beat Pastrana at Australian SX but I think for most people it was 2002- 2003. RC had dethroned MC and had come down wearing a crown and that pissed a lot of people off. Chad came in rode a lot like MC and said MC was his ... more »

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I’ve had multiple 125’s,250f’s ,250 two strokes (including a KTM250SX) and 450’s and a 150 and a 200. Those are just the big bikes I have owned. Right now I have a factory CR125,A CR250 , one of Chad Reed’s 2011 CRF450’s, a 2018 Fully modded twisted ... more »

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I believe the factory teams ran a 94 cylinder till 99 or 2000. I don’t know if something newer will fit or is better now.

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Gary has some great videos on there. There is one of James Stewart on a KX125, Chad Reed on a YZ250F and RC on a CR250 and TP199 all riding at Glen Helen. It must have been free practice before a national.

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Swan in Tyler, Texas. My first race there was in 1986 on a KX60.