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They were all on 450's in 2006. TP did beat James for a Loretta's title but I think James raced a 60 and an 80 that year. TP was already probably to big for an 80 at 11. I would have loved to see them battle in 2002 but Travis was close to Brownie and ... more »

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Travis Pastrana never won anything in the Premier class. Unless you count heat races.

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Everts is the Goat. He has more titles, more race wins and more MXDN wins.

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You can also check out Mid South Arenacross for indoor stuff. Swan in Tyler is about 4 1/2 hours from Vicksburg and an hour and a half from Shreveport.

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Swan had 30,000 people at the Pro Challenge last year in the middle of Covid. The facility is excellent and could hold a national. You can see the whole track from the grandstands. I have only been to Cycle Ranch once and don’t know how the facility ... more »

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MC doesnt get the credit he deserves. I think James and him should be tied for greatest naturally talented supercross rider ever. They both did things no one else did. James with scrubbing and jumping things no one else would, Jeremy would roll jumps ... more »

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Deegan rode a 125 this year. He did a few of the amateur nationals on it and practiced Supercross on it. They stopped riding it before LL and focused on the Supermini. My son is going to ride every bike as long as possible because he is really small ... more »

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I met him several years ago at Rio Bravo and he has helped me, with many bike questions, over the years. Prayers sent.

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He is a great rider but he needs to do something really special to convince me. Reed went from an 85 to a 250 two stroke and won back to back Australian Supercross championships at 16 and 17. At 18 he finished 2nd in the MXGP premier class and at 19, ... more »

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The track is awesome! We would be there if I didn’t have plans for July 4th. I hope they have it next year.

Added reply in a thread The New People's Champion? 6/22/2021 3:21 PM If You want to see personality got to about 55 minutes and watch till the end. RJ and Hannah fighting over the trophy girl is pretty funny and wouldn’t happen today. The race is good too.

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I’m pretty sure Daytona isn’t on there. Don’t forget to go back and watch that race.

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I remember posting on either motodrive or motonews the morning of 9/11. I was at work in an office at a nursing home and I walked down the hall, after posting, and saw a TV on in a residents room with the first building on fire.

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Swanmx in Texas. It has hills and you can see the whole track. I stopped going to Freestone because I couldn’t see the race. It’s great for an amateur national but not the best for viewing.

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If it’s his first ever bike and he is 10, I would get him one without a clutch.

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There is photos and videos of some of those races on YouTube.

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I live in Louisiana but I own businesses in Dallas/Fort Worth. From my House I have Desoto motorsports 15 minute drive West Monroe Mx 1 hour 15 minutes Hurricane Creek Mx 2 hours Down South Mx around 3 hours Baton Rouge is 3 and half hours away and New ... more »

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I have the KYB A Kit Spring fork on my 350 and a set of the Stock forks with the KYB spring internals and I have a 250sxf with stock air fork set up by Enzo. The A kit definitely feels the best to me on rough tracks. The KYB inserts feel better overall ... more »

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Isn't Bakers deal with KTM up?