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Man I need to update my vid to show what can be done if you will save just one bike

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Hang in there Toby. State of mind means a lot in these situations. Head down and charge to the front. Prayers sent your way!

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Dam Salmon will do it every time :-( Thanks!

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Not there at all? What did I miss. I was out on vacation.

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Exactly take RV2 out of the mix and KTM has another supercross championship. That Bike Must Suck!

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It has not been asked but really needs to be. How the hell did you come across this in the first place?

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What side is the shady side lol. My camel back will be full.

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Thinking about running up for the national. Anyone have any tips/tricks/suggestions about going?

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Bummer, he must hate that bike. He is a GA boy so I will be cheering for him full tilt!

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The speed they have going into the corner is what blows my mind. I would blow right out of the rut and wind up on the back of the berm. But then again I cant ride for shit.

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Talked to him tonight. Told him I will give him 300. Cash tomorrow. He said another guy was coming to look at it and if he didn't take it it is mine. Says it starts with pipe back on but is leaking oil and that the swing arm is sticky. Lol. I just feel ... more »

Started new thread Seriously thinking about buying this 5/16/2014 12:05 PM It was my ATF bike. I am thinking about bringing this back from the dead? Thoughts from those that have done it?

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Man I have no pics but this reminds me of a time I was out trail riding at an old slag quarry. I had a very light get off going down a trail and slid on my front about 20 feet. I tried to do a push up to get off the ground and felt like I was glued to ... more »

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Me Love!

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Seriously Stewart would have been hooked up by now. I know Ryan is not healthy but on technical pre op bays like this no one can hold a candle to James.

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I would seriously be down for some cash to have this owned by a Vitard. This is just too awesome. The only thing that can sum it up is this

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lol not too bad

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Road bike 1+ miles. Is it screwed up that I can not go very far on a MX bike? I did a one mile wheelie on my 95 600 f3 back when no one was really doing mile long wheelies. Now that is so commonplace it is not worth mentioning.