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I run Rotella..but then again I like to get 300+ hours on my 350 engine before a freshening

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Over ever tiny jump Tomac cuts his wheel to one direction or the other as if he is scrubbing everything...not sure if he is just stylin or what.

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I missed a chance to ride in the woods with Ricky and his group at Trace State Park a year or so ago. Guy loves to ride.

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The bike is very awkward to turn with the training wheels. I say just use your best instinct on whether to use them. Its fine either way.

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8.5 x 26 with water package. We run 6 bikes wide with plenty of room for gear

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Deal Brothers Trailers

Dang...what did I miss....ML512 gone?

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Agreed...the print/lam/cut is the easy part. Good design is invaluable. We have bought some of the "online" templates for $30 each and they are usually not very precise. I'd suggest you first print/cut out a set on low tack vinyl to check fitment before ... more »

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Negotiated a nice win bonus. Hopefully dude is racking up. Any clue what it might be?

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Believe me...there is no 1000% markup...not in this market anyway...Dealers are lucky to get 10 to 15 percent. They are not all junk. I have beat the H-E-L-L out of some Diamond Cargo with great luck. I'm sure others may have not had as great of an experience.

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Big Changes this more 1 bike 6 man. The elite guys will run 4 man 4 bike. They still have the 6 man 6 bike for us novice riders.

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You go to the old n style website and in no way does it direct you to the new one. It should be automatic I there is anyone out there who cares about Throttle Syndicate...let them know to fix that asap. Years and years of N style good will is being thrown ... more »

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Dont overthink something that fits your budget, Prepare to take a depreciation hit...thats just part of that into the cost as you are factoring how deep you want to get into it. If you enjoy the rv lifestyle, you will most likely ... more »

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I'm from the Memphis area so not much help. I know a bunch of the riders from the Fayetteville AR area ride and race the NE OK also

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I think he is doing fine

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Buy the 125

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My toy hauler of both worlds...but it does require a big boy truck.
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Cover your tires when storing....not to keep them clean but to protect from UV rays...they are tire killers. Replace your tires at least every 4 matter what...invest in the best tires you can afford.

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On new....never accept less than 30% off of MSRP....never. Do not buy an extended warranty. Put the money in the bank and save for repairs. Expect to have some issues, that is common. Do not expect to get good service at a dealership...+ they keep them ... more »

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Would you trade 3 wins for the red plate up by just 1 ?

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6 x 12 single axle..get the best most heavy duty tires available.