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DFW has Underground, Johnsonville, Village Creek, River Valley, Oak Hill, South Central, Buffalo Creek and Athens and you can ride here year round. It’s far from terrible.

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Well, this is better than the guy on here who gets excited by washing other men’s dirty riding gear.

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Are you the gay Suzuki rider?

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Why would anyone do that? We all know the best mxers in the world are already racing our AMA mx series.

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It’s a fact. He and the rest of the MXGP riders kicked our asses on home turf. Most complaining about Herlings probably loved Bob Hannah. What’s the difference?

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Suzuki was the first brand to release their 2019 models. They’ve been out since 2010.

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He's lost about 25 pounds going from Suzuki to KTM.

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Energy drinks are for pussys. Man up and grab a scoop of STIM LORD bros.

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I have a couple sets of Fasthouse. I've used Fox, Answer, MSR, AXO and Fasthouse is easily the best stuff I've owned. Their gear looks great, fits great and is put together really, really well. I'm a 34 pant and they fit true to size and have the perfect ... more »

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Don't buy the bike. Here's what you do instead: 1. Buy the biggest Fox head sticker you can find 2. Place that giant Fox head sticker in the back window of your ride 3. Buy a Monster energy cap and tuck your ears 4. Crush ass You're welcome.

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You guys realize Marvin and Ryan are the same age right, both are 27. Seems like everyone thinks Marv is a lot younger than Ryan. He may prove me wrong but Marv's best years are probably behind him given his age and the fact that only 3 guys have ever ... more »

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The star of the season is the guy with the most points at the end of that season. Tomac has had a few rides that were next level stuff but if he doesn't have the most points after Vegas he isn't the star of the season and those singular rides are just ... more »

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Chad finished 7th and crashed at the end of the whoops and his best lap was a 53.1. Mookie finished 15th and his best lap was a 53.9. Eli finished 2nd and had the fastest lap of the night at 51.9, a full two seconds faster than Mookie's best lap. I'd ... more »

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Tobz isn't disparaging Kyle. He's referring to Chad's comment after a race back in 2009 of "who's that guy" when Kyle and James were on the San Manuel team together.

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Trey is only 9 months younger than RD.

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Who said they don't like James or is hating on James? Stating a fact isn't hating on someone. Those are James' results at Daytona and they weren't ready to go by round one this year. Where's the hate part?

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Check out his Daytona finishes dating all the way back to 2004 on his 125. He's won Daytona once on his 125 and twice on the 450. His other Daytona finishes on the 450 when he's shown up look like this: 6,7,9,8,18,DNQ due to looping out in his heat race ... more »