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It’s Daniel Blair’s band, Main Event. The song is Neverland.

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Justin addresses all of these issues and concerns in this very raw interview. I know it’s easier to jump on the lazy narrative and just slam him, but I believe you will better understand the situation in its entirety if you listen to his perspective. ... more »

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We appreciate the kind words, folks. I enjoyed writing all of these, but can only do so while that sad ballad plays in the background for some reason. Kevin always kills the voiceover, and our producer is a genius in putting it all together. We will ... more »

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Thanks for the many years of support, Bobby! Appreciate the kind words, y’all

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Hello my friend! Miss you too ✌?

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Yeah, he was clearly not pleased and mentioned they had just held meetings on the issue. Don’t ever have to guess what The Man is thinking.

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We’ve been asking all the riders this as part of our DMXS 5-Questions segment for a while and still can’t figure out what killed the kidney belt except it fell out of fashion to wear one along the way. Pros that wore them at some point in their career ... more »

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Marvin stated on DMXS last week that he made it clear that he informed the French Federation that he would not be available if not initially chosen. He planned all long with his team and sponsors to race, but was taking a much deserved vactaion and was ... more »

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Oh, we’re still the live-announcers as in the past. Straight Rhythm keeps getting better each day and the surprises aren’t done yet!

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David is doing well and will always be a part of the scene. His insight and perspective still amazes me while bench racing on the current riders. He will be calling the action with us at Straight Rhythm this year, too!

Started new thread Ryan Sipes racing a 2-Stroke at Muddy Creek 4/26/2018 6:57 AM

Ryan Sipes is already an American hero, but that is about to go to a whole new level since he announced last night on the show he will be racing a 125 in the 250 class at Muddy Creek. The 2-Stroke Nation can rejoice in this awesome news. There goes my ... more »

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We’re glad y’all dig these because we’ve had a blast making them. Look for more DMXS stories to drop regularly. Thanks....

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I don’t know who, if anyone, told Tony Alessi to make up some shirts but the revisionist twist this story has taken over the years has been entertaining. I think it’s time to set the record straight on the Believe the Hype shirts. We had Tony, Mike, ... more »

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Deano confirmed on DMXS last night that he was offered a 4-race deal and turned it down. He didn't feel jumping on a new bike right before A1 with very limited seat time on a temporary ride as the way to go. He said it was a tough decision but felt strongly ... more »

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Cooper always delivers and fans appreciate his unapologetic and candid interviews. I have no doubt he will have plenty of opportunities to more than make up for Italy (which clearly still cuts deep with him) Thank you, skid. I received so much great ... more »

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That would be like moving The Masters from Augusta.

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I'm writing in Bob "Hurricane" Hannah on my ballot for President in November.

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We're on it. Thanks for listening.

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A good friend of the show just emailed me a link to this thread and I had a good chuckle at the OP. I'm not sure that someone has ever gone to such lengths to bash the show by creating a dedicated new username before over the last 15-years. I mean you ... more »

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Ryan said on the show tonight at he has not committed to the MXdN if asked. First he heard of this is when he landed tonight in California. He's not sure if there was a miscommunication in the interview or where that came from.