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YZ450f, second lightest 450! I hear a lot of people say it's soo heavy but it's lighter than the kawi by 4 pounds and 6 over the Suzuki! All the bikes should be honda lightweight though, 13 pounds less than the suzuki! I know the RMZ is a good bike, ... more »

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Surprised geico isn't giving him a shot... they are missing two riders at the moment and he could get them on the box it seems. like JT said on the racerx hangtown podcast, his bike looked out of control but he held off barcia for a while, he should ... more »

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Oh yeah, that's why he was on the podium last year at the US GP he raced and on the 350 he never liked.... the other guys were lucky he wasn't on a 450 last year at that GP or I'm sure he would have won. I'm not saying Mike would win the championship, ... more »

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RV vs roczen on a 250f.... my money is on RV no question. Don't think RV would go back down to a 250f though.

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Unsure about dominate... but I wouldn't bet against him to win the championship if he was to get fit and race again!

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FMF vs muscle milk? Really? I can see why monster wants the fmf logos off the bikes... but why jgr wanting fmf off the bikes?

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He said it in a matthes podcast I'm pretty sure. Reed is great to listen to in those because he hardly holds back and is very honest. He said he didn't like how the new yamaha felt either recently. He also didn't trust his kawi due to the chain coming ... more »

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I like my 2010 yz450f, I'm coming off an 07 crf450r. I rode my friends 09 rmz450 and 09 kx450 and liked the yz better. Also rode my friends 2010 crf450 and liked the YZ better as well. But the 09+ hondas have come set up horrible out of the box. Reed ... more »

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Do you mean up a tooth? I seem to think mxa always says to go up a tooth to gain bottom on most bikes?

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I like this version, CRF & Honda racing + HRC logo on shroud... sweet looking ride!!

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Glad to see they are working on the game and admit to its flaws. Hopefully it plays like reflex afterwards for the most part.

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Looking forward to seeing Pourcel ride this summer! Did you guys notice any improvements using the cycra shrouds DV?

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Dungey leaving a suzuki 450 to a ktm 350? Hah yeah that would be a smart move... not!

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i wonder how the yosh exhaust and factory showa stuff compares to his pc stuff??

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First impressions, disappointing. reflex was much better no question. Unsure how the game got passed for sale after having such a great game with reflex. All reflex need was some new tracks and some little tweaking and it would have been great. Really ... more »

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Reed is an awesome rider and very naturally talented. The record books don't lie and he has some of the best sx stats in history. Have tons of respect for the guy and have always liked him. Glad to see more people are coming around to him though.

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Kdubs got a lot of fans for many reasons... here's one of them!! Such a sick jump.

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Kdubs the man! So awesome to see him riding like that and matching stewarts lines and was so bummed when he went down hitting stewarts downed bike. His transfer in opening ceremonies was so ridiculous as well.

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I feel the same.... I tried to remove it on my bros bike but couldn't get it out. Removed the spiral clip and pulled on the insert but it wouldn't budge!! it almost seems like its welded in there.