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It's because they don't identify as a

In the mean time, they are offering to buy bus tickets for the homeless street poopers to travel anywhere they want to long as it's out of California. A great number of them are choosing ... more »
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I watched it on Ebay. Went WAY too cheap. Somebody got a great deal.

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Terry tells a great story of one of his visits to Roger's place involving some adult beverages and firing up one of the old factory scoots with an open stinger pipe at 11 PM one Saturday night out in Roger's garage. Bet that made the neighbors

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Plastics are easy to find. Nightmare Racing has nice gloss finish plastic for your bike. And pretty much any Kawi from the 70s to late 80s. He can also help you find some of the other stuff you may need.

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RotoRooter called. They want that auger back ASAP!

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You could do it in the 70's & early 80's. A LOT of the West Coast guys never chased the "National" dream because they could race at least 4 times a week in SoCal, bikes were cheap/free, and the hop up shops were flush with sponsorships. For that ... more »

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Just don't ride it near any damn

or get this... or this... or ... more »
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Doesn't work in the high humidity of Florida. The additional water acts as a barrier layer and holds the heat in unless there is wind blowing to make it evaporate. Once you're standing still in the humidity, you get hotter. The ice bath works but you ... more »

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Sunshine Speedway was flat. It had great Nationals in the 70s & 80's. Orlando Sports Stadium was flat. It had great Trans-AMA races in the 70's. Daytona SX is flat. It is outdoor national rough when they allow the sand to be the primary surface. ... more »

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If I could still buy the 2 ply Metzler MultiCross front, I would put it on every bike I own. Most predictable front tire I've ever used.

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Ezra was a local 60 rider when I lived in Tallahassee during the early 80's. Rode out of the same shop that I rode for. His Dad, Ronnie, was a big guy who also had an 81 RM465 like mine. It wasn't uncommon for them to show up at the track hauling both ... more »

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Get back to me when the Harley rallies don't require a chase vehicle. On second thought, I may not live that

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We had that covered back in the

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Sounds like my old 2003 CRF450 with a Thunder Alley pipe on it. Totally transformed the bike...and my eardrums.

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I asked Tony Alessi. He said the code was "CARTEL"

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Gary Jones' Mom actually sewed up the first version of those jerseys. I had my original for 30+ years until some dirtbag broke into my enclosed trailer about 10 years ago and stole my gear bag and 3 bikes. I miss that jersey more than all of the bikes. ... more »

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Agree with Newmann on this site. It was full of Euro scam artists. I yearn for the days when Jeff Spencer's site was the go to for vintage parts and you could trust the sellers. Well, other than Todd

He's probably still in his Mom's ... more »
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Easy! You need parts or a whole


Why buy a Harley? Just go to a any rally in the area and follow the guided ride in a pick up truck. You should be able to score enough parts that have fallen off to build several of them by the end of the day.

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Buddy loaned me his bike this day because my 81 RM465X had a blown shock. I had forgotten how much fun 125s were until I got on this thing. Sometime in 1981 at Cow Chip MX in Tallahassee.