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this dude has put my humpty dumpty ass back together so well, unfortunately more than once (my fault)

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did you get 450 outer fork tubes? the stock RM ones used that plastic guide/clamp thing and these have a metal wear ring like the 450 forks.

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White jug rotella T4 15w40 will do fine for break in and normal oil changes. Change it often.

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Can anyone out there with on 03-08 RM250 pull your flywheel and take a picture of the dry side crank seal and surrounding case area somewhat up close? Im not sure if mine has a crack or not and just want to compare it to another like case to see if mine ... more »

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did you fit the restyle side plates with a standard rear fender? any issues there? it looks pretty clean and i'd rather not have to chop the stockers if a bolt on option looks that good.

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I'm rooting for you man. If any of y'all ever make your way out to ACP, let me know on here and I'll make sure to be loaded down with spare parts and service stuff. I live in buckeye so it's only like 20 minutes from me.

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It all comes down to how sensitive you are to chassis feel, small changes in flex characteristic etc... for instance, I love hondas and Suzuki's because of their accuracy and responsiveness to rider input and that they're very rigid in the chassis. They ... more »

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A club system could work and if you build something in a fair weather area in northern AZ, we will come from the valley for sure. They didn't lose the lease, they're subletting because someone pays them more than the track ever brought in. Plenty of ... more »

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replace the shaft while youre in there.

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Unfortunately there is a mostly dying market for MX in our state it seems right now. Certain families/Racing organizations (i.e. The family that owns the land for Verde Valley Motorplex and currently owns Canyon MX as well) will not EVER allow for competition ... more »

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They should, but you always want to keep a matched set since the bearing bores are line honed together. Look for a complete bottom end if you can.

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having wrenched for a local pro in AZ around this time, I can confirm we pulled 6 figures in cash multiple years in a row just chasing big purse races. recession hit, all of our free shit went away, life went on. went from southern cal to PA and everywhere ... more »

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this guy has lasted me more than 10 years.

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Yeah ball hone on a 2 stroke is a terrible idea and is asking for port-edge damage. Expressly recommended against by EVERY replating company and in almost all service manuals. the brush type hone is whats proper for a 2 stroke. ball hones are fine for ... more »

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After calling Tucker Rocky (polisport USA distributor) using the part number on polisports site (last 5 digits were a dead giveaway at a TR part number and its in line with other TR parts from polisport) they had not idea about it. I would give it a ... more »

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Just split the cases and rebuild it right. not worth the hassle if you miss one tiny piece of metal.

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I did 3 ligaments and lateral miniscus in june of 2012, took a full year to get back on a bike and ve only got about 30% of the lateral miniscus left in that leg. recovery time is going to vary greatly depending on the severity of your injury, how much ... more »

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For the millionth time please always refer to this this weekend is not live for cable

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I would recommend getting rid of the iron valve seats entirely if youre replacing the stock valves with Titanium again. it'll run about $300 to get all 4 seats replaced with Moldstar90 or an equivalvent Copper/Bronze/Nickel/Beryllium alloy that will ... more »

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The Irony of you posting anything about "free" states in one of the most Orwelian Communist utopias in the union..........