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He had something for sure... they said the flu but who knows.

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Once a week?

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Congrats to AC... he sure is fun to watch ride! With Eli... curious of anything happened between Ironman and Red Bud... injury? More fence work? Anyway... as shitty as 2020 has been in the real world... SX/MX has really delivered... just awesome racing. ... more »

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I thought it was because of DeCoster.... but I could be wrong.

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Curious what the 2 weeks off is going to do for everyone. Wonder if Marv will benefit the most.... gotta think he has more in the tank.

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I am a fucking idiot... I meant to say median... It’s 28.... Cool stats man.

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Drop in the mean just to keep things real estatey.

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16 - 102 25 - 94 3 - 70

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Coulda said it better myself.

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Really depends on Zacho. Going by what we have seen so far he IS a top guy. Can that be sustained? I think so. Tomac is about 20 off second place which isn’t to far out of his reach... but 40 off Zach the way he has been riding... a real stretch.

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Sounds like Gary knows his shit.

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Well... you sure are a lot of fun.... lol

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I realize we are on opposite coasts but My wife got tested last week and has yet to hear back... over 7 days. I had an emergency surgery in May had to be tested prior... took 2 days but I assume my test was prioritized.

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While that is encouraging... it’s not guaranteed the trend will hold. If it does, I would take that as the people the need to be cautious are doing so. This could lead to us learning to live with it while getting back to work. However, if the infections ... more »

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Sooo RV and RC are purty efficient eh?

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Its not fun to ride when your mind is elsewhere and you almost feel "guilty" doing it (for whatever reason... I have gone through it all... education... job... marriage... kids). The more time you take away to get everything in order... the more fun ... more »

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Tomac,s starts... make more of the races fun to watch.

Started new thread Barcia? 6/10/2020 7:05 PM

Any word or footage of what happened? Is he ok?

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Delete the dll file and re-start the program

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I was gonna say that I didn’t remember him ever saying he would do AMA Nats and backing out but then remember him teasing on twitter last year. Maybe KTM will be more receptive to it this year?? Lets hope... would really turn the shit show 2020 has been ... more »