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2019 KX450, after owning 50 some bikes this one checks all the boxes

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My daily commute is same at 25 miles, and I like the car better for just general getting around, easier to do most everything over a truck (plus the cost and gas mileage) My situation, two kids in college and the wife drives, so I have to keep four cars

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Bought the new KX450 and not a fan of the black rims....these will be silver in the near future Black frames, plastic, wheels....on dirt bikes is just a bad idea IMO

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Everyone in his class, agree ahead of time to just sit there when the gate drops and let him race himself After a couple of those, he should get the message

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Agree Get the better value, this is a great bike from '19 up. Upgrades you can add if you think you need them. The noise about the clutch in 2019 and 2020 is not as bad as you may have read Happy as hell with my '19 (same as the '20)

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This is one of my fav moto subjects, I always ask racers where and how they got their number. Its always an interesting story to me 402 is and has always been my number, don't even know how I came about this one but once it stuck it became how everyone

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Nope, you are dead on....owned several bikes that simply didn't fit well and had to cut bait and move on. Trying harder only poured gasoline on the fire 2006 KX250, no matter the sweet engine, couldn't gel with that horrible chassis no matter what I ... more »

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Wossner is a strong brand that focuses on quality, the con rod kits are very reliable. Premium materials and sound engineering They also offer a complete crankshaft part number CS2070 for the 2016 and up 125SX, check that out also Good stuff, this is ... more »

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2019 and up KX450, I bought two starter buttons from JCR and used one as the kill switch - the plug is the same for starter and kill This is the ultimate set up, less foof on my handlebars

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Kawasaki suspension oil A15-00 44091-0023, but the weight is not clearly stated anywhere. It is the same as Honda Showa SS47 - which is stated as a 5wt in the OEM service manual. These oils were developed for the new 49mm Showa forks The Kawasaki oil ... more »

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I have had the same issues, and it got to the point with my vision that lenses are the only solution (astigmatism and prism requirement) RX Goggles and Pro Vue - I cannot say enough how well these have worked and solved my issues. I have clear track ... more »

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Agree - a top racer should understand the conditions and adjust his approach to get the most out the day. Its about scoring points Riding full Batman in that kind of mud and expecting the same out of the bike as a dry day....that's not realistic. Back ... more »

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Doesn't Engine Ice allow the cooling system to run at a higher temperature? It allows the coolant temp to climb to 256F before boil over, according to their website Agree with checking coolant is circulating Seems like Engine Ice would not correct the ... more »

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Pro-Vue and GogglesRX worked for me, I was a contact wearer until my script went south. A lens in front of my eye was the only option With these it took a few rides to adapt, there is some movement that takes some getting used to. But once that settles ... more »

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I switched this season and wonder why I waited...great performance and the easiest to clean and maintain. I almost don't mind cleaning my filters now, its so much easier. Airbox cleanup is much better, put my filter cover on, spray on some Simple Green, ... more »

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2020 Kawasaki KLX110L
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Had me until I saw the claw hammer...

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I have owned RM250 (02), RM125 (05), RM-Z250 (09), RM-Z450 (14), actually more years if I went even further back... They all handled well, cornering was always the best - probably the RM125 was stand out of all of these That being said, KX450 '19 is ... more »

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Wossner or ProX connecting rods are a sensible and good performing improvements As long as your keeping a clean air filter and decent oil mix you should get decent life out of the bottom end Cool build look forward to seeing your progress