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I know it was accidental, but I feel like if he would have landed on track he might not have been able to make the pass in that turn. But, you never know what might have happened, but what did happen looks like he did enter the track in front of Tomac,

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The real question here is do I stay on, or leave the Tomac wagon.

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I think 450 heat one just proved you have a very high probability of being correct

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I like that there looked to be actual trash in the trash can left on the track. "just use whatever is around to set up the course!"

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A race on an actual beach would bring the crowds

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I'm scared for Forkner, his current confidence and practice crash history lead me to believe he needs to settle down a tad, but won't and it could go bad fast.

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Anything can happen, if Villopoto can have a 26 point lead and fail to make the main event (2011?) giving James, Chad, and Dungey an open door back into the fight, and then in that same race have James crash out and DNF with a back injury, then certainty ... more »

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I thought the new over used term for this season was "stacking points"

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Every couple of months somebody post a thread just like this, and every couple of months I really enjoy it!

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Watching Bar to Bar 2004 today the highlights of the 125 St. Louise race showed James with a 27+ second gap on 2nd place Josh Hansen. Got me thinking, with 2 weeks ago, we hit the smallest win-by gap ever. What would be the largest? In SX and/or MX? ... more »

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Man, that was the best race I'll likely ever go to. Even tops the battle James and Chad had in 2009(?) where Chisholm torpedoed Chad at the end. If there was a way to convey how disappointed I was too see him start at 14th after hoping he'd tighten up ... more »

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Any of you internet wizards know where to find 2013 MEC race 2? Race 1 and 3 are everywhere, but race 2 has vanished from the internet somehow.

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I get Ricky was a great racer, but do you think it's him, or the broadcast team that somehow gets him to mention how great he was every time he gets asked a question. I swear he always references him winning..... I mean yes he did win a lot, but you ... more »

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Wow, I thought he would have had more outdoor 450 overalls. 12 for the 2008 season, that leaves only 8 apart from that, seems like is should be more. Also, 39 for Dungey, I would have thought much less. I guess you only see what you want sometimes.

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Where did the plug break at? Are your sure it was the correct plug size? I only ask that because once I redid a jr50 and purchased what I was told was the correct plug, but didn't check or compare to the plug I pulled out. Luckily before trying to kick ... more »

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Well, I've never seen no plants grow outta no toilet!

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The visor-less Mike Metzger