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I like that RedBull isn't afraid of referencing and including people or riders heavily sponsored by their competition. I this case AC and Mitch Payton.

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Tyler Bowers?

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Somebody is bound to lose their wallet on one of those trips, so you're probably right

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I think it's science that whenever there is an accident involving a motorcycle a shoe must go flying. Really though, hope he's ok.

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Now that w know he's not seriously hurt, are we really sure he wasn't just trying to ride out on a wheelie as he usually does?

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Obligatory post: Rumor says there's a guy who will clean them for you...... for free.....

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No green Kawasaki No red Honda No yellow Suzuki No orange KTM No white Husqvarna

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Disassembly is so much faster with them.

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I bet he got double scoops of protein in the smoothies, that's why things have been taken to a personal level. Everybody knows the extra scoop is always like $2 and that's where margins are met.

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With some thought, they could make spaces in between the banners at only the safest spots to renter. I think Adam entering at the top of that jump was much safer than riding below and possibly being in a blind spot for a jumping rider.

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Agreed, or at least after this weekend. Even Cooper Web is down almost 1 full race in points. It would be hard to believe that at some point every person ahead of him loses a full race for him too catch back up. If Marv, Anderson, or Osborne don't step

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I just want the hard hitting stories, I haven't heard about who lost their wallet once this outdoor season! I mean, where's the real content? Yeah there's racing going on, but I'm sure somebody also lost a wallet, why don't we hear about that in outdoors?! ... more »

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You're right, now that you mention them, I do remember those races and they were entertaining, I will agree with you. As a fan of any particular racer, I am sure highlights from other racers get overlooked.

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I like to be entertained, Eli entertains. James Stewart entertained, I don't care about championships to either of their names. The things that get remembered and talked about again and again are the races where they did amazing things. I cannot recall ... more »

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Anybody make it to this race and SLC 2 years ago when he had the come from behind win? Curious to see how the crowd compared, in SLC it was non stop cheering as loud as you could as soon as he started to make moves.

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What link? guess I should read things first, ha!

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was it 2 years ago, the last race of the 250 west coast, AC was coming into the race 4th in the points, then at some point during the race all 3 of the people ahead of him had crashed or got a bad start, mid race he was actually leading the points, although ... more »