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the real question is, how much money do you need to mask the regret you will have?

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Hold my shirt.... Can somebody please explain the science behind why a shoe HAS to eject whenever there is a motorcycle accident?

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Heres another look...

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I was just thinking that I wished they'd add the total pass made to the weekly article, this is great! I just would hate to see Mike Alessi's stats if he were still racing

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I had an issue with an air bubble I couldn't get out, it was a banjo bolt

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I can't find the timing on Las Vegas 2019, but in STL Roczen was within a couple seconds of lapping Freize, but then he would have had to gain about 17 seconds to lap Deano in 15th place. I would bet if Tomac in Vegas would have gained 17 more seconds, ... more »

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Anybody else notice that?

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I could be wrong but I think RDL was available for free 2 years ago, and included all practice sessions. Then last year they added it to the NBC package, but now (and last year) only include the final sessions of all the groups.

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whats the torque spec on these?

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Looks like the game makes website is still up, also looks like they misspelled it in video

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I drain mine cold THEN run the engine for a few, just to get everything out. Then I buy a new engine.

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With Ricky designing the obstacles I'm surprised he didn't throw in a couple boats in the whoops to make it more challenging.

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Only trail ridden, never raced..... Obviously taken from that other thread of the guy falling off the cliff, what a lucky dude!

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Did you guys see the new edition to the Guggenheim?

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This guy though

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Slc? He started 14th there I believe. Best race I've seen live Edit, sorry, just read east coast, I'm sure slc was not it then

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Is there GoPro footage of this?

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Mike Brown just took of his shir...... wait