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I’m sure star would have signed you BUT instead of screaming out “ mom meatloaf” you went upstairs to get it yourself and missed their call

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Shane was informing his mechanic that “ Jodie was right all along , we need to go up 1 tooth on the rear “

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Could be a lot worse surely you recall Ralph

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A dnf is better than a dns

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And what about beta ? Any top guys linked to them ? I’ve seen someplace mm25

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Some of the gear lately looks horrible and far to snug fitting too Hunters was the worst if the season so far unless I missed something really ugly

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Keep Jett and hunter on the 250’s , sign VF on a 450 performance based contract , upside he’ll be up front every Moto , his average finish will rise slightly to top ten and hell everyone’s happy seeing Webb ride around to 8th every week so why not Vince ... more »

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Buy they are nice

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Unpopular opinion!
But Friese was in front down the straight and from the behind angle he never looked like he was going to the inside. He was on the gas way to hard from the landing to ever make that.
I’m calling unintentional racing incident. You can tell from his body positioning...more

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I’m betting Webb will not top the podium in sx this yr

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They must come from a dysfunctional home with no father figure in the home Give them a break they need those bikes more then the shop The bike will make their lives better Sarcasm is a wonderful tool

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What’s that Marilyn Manson song ? “ I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me” 32 pages of goodness all by a company who’s been doing the same thing for a Decade or better

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1. Cost The price of the new 450s and the parts to maintain them is prohibitive, exhaust systems alone a ridiculously priced 2. The chance of being injured is there as well but not the overall factor 3. I live in Southern California so there’s quite ... more »

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Damn it

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Early 80’s dad brought home a Alsport steen , had a hodaka super rat 125cc , steel coffin shaped tank , fiberglass fenders , stupid fast but had drum brakes and maybe 3” of travel , racetown holeshot couldn’t even make the first turn brakes were so bad ... more »

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The 80’s stuff was all horrible except for the cow spot gear thats was bad ass Oh just basic black is good enough imo

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It was for gate pick I believe The good news is Connor is on the mend per the reports on Facebook last night Can answer all questions he was ask

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Never an issue , fit is true to size , goggle eye port fits most brands normal sized frames , I can’t say if over glasses fit well though Best helmets I’ve owned and I’ve owned tld / arai / bell as well

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Maybe 2005 @ star west in Parris ca , pitbike races he had a two brothers racing klx110 crazy modded and was crazy fast on it lapped most everyone myself included

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Check out the website planet minis for tons of klx posts / mods suggestions etc If we’re going to split the cases through in a four-speed shift drum heavy duty output shaft and a heavy duty shift Star