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excellent finish for Malcolm and the husky team too. his mascot is freaking cool , what great marking idea that was , kudos to the ideas originator. can't wait for the outdoors to start up.

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you forgot to add "he's gritty" and gonna get "sporty"

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1981 third place at racetown adelanto calif , although it was called hi-way 395 cycle park or something along those lines on an xr75 big bore , megaphone style down pipe pretty fast but no yz80 for sure.

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hoping Mookie gets the 3 , best season ever and ready for the outdoors .

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best off season ever part 2 coming soon.

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rut needs to go and drag along wil and lee . keep RC and ad in guest co/hosts like AC , Reed , real moto people not clowns. dont try to dumb down the broadcast make it interesting for common viewers as well as motoheads

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A huge pass for the lead , one of the front runners goes down hard and in the background ricky screams like a twelve year old girl at a pop concert and in the foreground Wil goes blab blab blab about who knows / cares what .................. your point ... more »

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My vote is gotta go , rambles on always babbling when racing action is going on . She’s not eye candy , not well informed. Replacer her asap

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i thought someone had posted back to the blue crew or retirement ???

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AOT out of texas a veteran owned company , does custom gear sets.

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chaparral has NEVER been known for good customer service since they moved from the big yellow building right at the off ramp , yes been going there since the 80's

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'world SX" so who's the title sponsor ?i haven't seen anything related to that yet or I've missed it.

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i hate the commercials , the science of supercross could go away too . i for one have no issue with outside sponsors assisting the privateers , whether it be OF or not. hell maybe OF should start commercials during the broadcast. America is getting far ... more »

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CC is only carrying the red plate because Jett is on the east coast and Hunter crashed out early on CC is a whiner and will really be sobbing when (if) he gets a 450 ride

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and dont forget the "miller girls"

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this is what happens when gear company's have a BIG sale. both should receive royalties for the 5,000 times this will be shown

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put Blair in the booth with RC , AC9 on the ground and thats a winning broadcast team.

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Was just talking about JH at work and this showed up on my Fb feed damn clean looking ride

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as Jett says "that'll put mud in your shorts"