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kit is on point , bikes sexy . anyone got pics of the helmets yet ? lets hope all red and white colorway

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the answer is easy "their going to Disneyland" id like to see both @ JGR along with A Martin. lets hope the casino news breaks fast and the official team announcement drops sooner rather than later.

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Best looking team bike so far . that is pure sexy. id expect to see that in a lot of media coverage. hopeful it'll set a top a few podiums this coning season too. GOOD LUCK BAM BAM and the TLD crew.

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Too bad no outdoors for Mookie and moto concepts bummer

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i didn't see a yellow bike in any part of the 250 program sadly enough

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10 - 12th , would like to see a Suzuki in the top 10 haven't seen a yellow bike towards to front since WP18

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im betting tickle will put some fire under the JGR tent and JS17 will be returning soon I would imagine hopeful things turn around for JGR / Suzuki shortly as the pits need more teams not less

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yes!!!!! LOL

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im betting Tickle will be on orange when he returns too. add in gas gas and the so called big four better worry

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wow only two riders this season or so far ? Weston still on team or totally out of racing ? saw he just got married last week which is very cool imo

Started new thread crickets : JGR / JS17 / AMART26 10/23/2019 2:54 PM

well RBSR and MEC are over and still no word on anything from JGR and co. HEP looks locked and loaded for 2020 , so why nothing from JGR ???

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JS17 has the natural talent , skill & ability to podium often so hopefully he can pair up with JGR / Suzuki and hit the podium in SX2020 good PR can't hurt though perhaps an agent can get it going

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i don't think a wake up call will happen , as long as the pay roll is met at feld / mx sports etc no one will worry , hopefully JGR can have riders on the gate @ A1 but as the days go by seems like a bad dream

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forgot about Tickle as hes suspended , hill im thinking smarttop , Davalos I thought was retiring though , the others id forgotten about totally

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is there a list of unsigned or free agents someplace ? all I can think of is reed / js17 / bogel / bloss

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nice LAV , does the bar mean Barstow ?

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That star Yamaha lineup is stacked

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Where is the unsigned rider list?

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i say run the earned number no permanent numbers

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if he does retire which I hope his vision returns either way I hope JGR keeps him on a a tester or in some other form. the career ending insurance shouldn't be a factor if he remained in the industry I'm hopeful . hell of a good dude and great rider ... more »