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prayers for her and the family. sad when a child is injured doing something they love.

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ground breaking was like feb / mar 2022 , everyone in Barstow is super excited about it . i work about 20 minutes south of the old lake Delores / rock-a-hula water park. heard its gonna be opening many times before but this time looks to be a go . i ... more »

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nothing worse than a thief , i was hit before and lost 2 bikes back in the 90's . hopefully you get them back , and the low lives are taken care of in the proper way. good luck.

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and craigslist's killed the "recycler" ad paper im still pissed recyclers gone

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"WEBBS PAID TO RACE" baaaaahahahaha best off season ever part 2

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J-law to world SX

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hopefully a few so cal venues . the Orleans casino in LV use to hold badass mini moto SX races that's a good sized venue

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Sad news RIP

Started new thread Mookie any updates ? 6/24/2022 9:46 AM

Anyone heard anything ? Will he join the rest of the 450’ boys this summer ?? ML anything ??

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They be u Der the “ motoMETHod” banner

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The more 2 strokes the better GOID LUCK !!!

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"best off season EVER !!!!!! part 2 "

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back in the early 90's i had a $50.00 datsun 521 truck that carted around a full pro circuit cr250 , bike cost a bit more than the truck. my how the times have changed

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Josh Grant + Glen Helen = Magic

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you forgot "colorway" "sporty" and "learning lesson ".

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i heard something about a big pitbike race friday night and am racing too.

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VEGAS 2023 !!!!!!! (hopefully)

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well i just spit out coffee laughing my ass

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just saw a decent 2000 rm 125 for $2,000 in so cal on Craig's lists IE . not too many other offerings around here although the 2021 yz for $4,000 wouldn't be a bad deal really

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i think you're a week ahead of yourself , try May 28TH for the "fast guys"