Added reply in a thread What 125 would best fit a shorter guy? 5/10/2021 8:23 PM

Dude, the New GasGas 125 all the way, what a machine...Braaaap.....

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Hey Wow that's Fantastic, I remember buying my son an RM85, too cool..congrats...Braaaap....

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What about Casey Cochran...this kids amazing, cant believe hes not on any list....what Gives?

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Kaplan Cycles has some 500s, Check them out, great people..

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How much for the pro circuit pipe, let me know

Added reply in a thread ISO 1991 RM125 Expansion Chamber 11/11/2020 4:20 PM

Hey, there is a stock pipe for sale on ebay right now under Suzuki RM125...check it out

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It's so kick ass, he finally got a 125 Ripper, now let's see whatzzz up...Brraaaappp....

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Hey good luck with that, i looked for 5 years, never found any...

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Hey thank you, I'll check it it, appreciate it

Started new thread 04 RM125 pegs 9/15/2020 11:36 AM

Hey does any one know of any trick gold or blue aftermarket pegs that would fit my 04 RM125, I've ran out of luck..anyone possibly have some ideas...thank you

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1993 RM250 Brian Swink
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Jeremy McGrath KX125

I had a 91 KX125, probably one of the best 125 2 strokes every build, your bike is so trick...nice..

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Liked a bike check Jeremy McGrath KX125 9/2/2020 7:19 PM
Jeremy McGrath KX125
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Stock, left shroud doesnt fit right, looks terrible

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2006 RM250
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Move up to the A Class, dont be a SandBagger like most of the Clowns who stay in the B Class just to win every Race, cause their a bunch of Losers who's afraid to go to the A Class, cause they will get their Asses handed to them....move up...

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Hey vive got a E-250 ford moto van, sometimes I get that smell, usually from filling it up to full at the pump, dont over fill it...

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Dude, check the brakes and rotors, they are always trashed, ball joints also....

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Hey, I'm really interested in the Suzuki stuff, please let me know if you still have them...thankx

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Amen to that Brother