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Bikes have evolved very little since the late 90's. It doesn't really surprise me. I always get a bit of a chub when I see a dude on an old bike railing guys that have the latest and greatest equipment.

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Does anyone know if he will be racing A1? I noticed he hasn't posted much on instagram.

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I used to be one of those guys who would never be caught with a kickstand on my bike. That all changed when I bought a YZ250FX. Electric start and kick stands are freaking awesome. Nice bike, enjoy!

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I have a 15' 250FX. Best bike I've ever owned (and I had a 13' RMZ450 set up for off road). It is a blast in the woods and does well on the track, too.

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I rode a new KX450F yesterday. I haven't ridden any of the other new age 450's... so nothing to compare it to other than my previous 13' RMZ450 and 2008 KX450F. The new KX was sweet. I was amazed at how thin and nimble it felt. It cornered and had sharp ... more »

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Check out this Craigslist gem...

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I had a 13 RMZ450 that I used for offroad. A rekluse core 3.0, Scott's steering stabilizer, and some revolved suspension and the bike was awesome in the woods. Given, it will never be a 300 2 stroke enduro bike in the tight stuff. But if you are riding ... more »

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I love that YouTube channel. Those guys race the same series I race. Their content is dumb funny. Just the kind of funny I like.

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I don't have an X... but I do have a YZ250 with an 11 ounce flywheel and some bark busters. I also installed the X clutch springs and bolts for an easier clutch pull for technical riding. I bought the bike for $2500 and it does everything I want or need. ... more »

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Lmao that picture is perfect for that post

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I have a used Rekluse Z start pro for sale. Fits 1999-2017 YZ250 2 strokes. $275 shipped. Call or text 2707898071.

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The article says it's "brand new". Guess we'll see tomorrow!

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Well, just going off what vague details of the bike you can see in the picture, it looks to at least have new bodywork.

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Kids a beast on two wheels. Scooter, bicycle, dirtbike, it doesn't matter. He rails.

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I put 120 hours on my 2013 RMZ450. Never had an issue. Replaced the piston, rings, and timing chain at 70 hours although it didn't need it. The valves never needed adjusting while I had it. The stock suspension valving sucked. Factory Connection made ... more »

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Factory Connection. Great customer service, if they don't get it right the first time, they will work with you to get it where it needs to be.

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No kidding, when I see that on a bike I automatically assume the owner is a newbie or total retard... lol

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I'm a big fan of YZ250's for offroad. They are cheap, easy to work on, and very versatile. I currently own a 2006 YZ250. It has an 11oz flywheel, FMF gnarly, full wrap handguards, skid plate, and springs for my weight. It could use a revalve to make

... more »
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Nothing at all wrong with that.

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That's what it looks like when you've mastered a dirtbike.