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Sorry, I was an English major at WVU, with de facto minors in History and Journalism, but Ithink I learned the most useful stuff for this line of work by growing up at the race tracks. But anything you want to know about World War I, Lost Generation ... more »

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Sorry, I thought he was taking photos. When he called me at 3 in the morning to tell me that he had been cuffed, I asked him if the cop dialed the phone for him. He said no, he was free now, and I hung up and went back to sleep! It never even came up ... more »

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Cox got cuffed for taking pictures of the police making an arrest without their permission. As for the scheduling, that's all news to me. I anticipate the 2011 AMA Motocross schedule will look much like it does this year, with the same general dates, ... more »

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TV networks don't like that idea of showing some content live and free before airing it, so that scenario would likely mean we couldn't show the first motos online. But the 250450 moto two set is what we are after moving forward. When they show same-day ... more »

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It is a safe jump, and no problem during the racing, but it's quirky little things like this and what GL did that mean we need to be proactive and find some solutions and preventions moving forward. Doc Bodnar and I even laughed when we flipped the mule ... more »

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Wow, that's a good idea right there. Someone also suggested giving the flagmen at them a pennant banner to string across as soon as the moto is over. Or traffic horses, just for the track workers or mechanics rolling around. Please feel free to hit me ... more »

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I wish I could figure a way out to get both live on TV, but when one the first one starts at 1 pm and the second at 3:30, and the motos are maybe 35 minutes, that leaves a nearly two-hour halftime. And it makes the time on TV well over three hours, which ... more »

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I was literally standing in the jump when Doc Bodnar came up, talking to Pingree about being a fireman. Eddie Casillas was on his own mule on top of the tunnel, in the medic's lane, telling The Doc on the radiovthat he was coming up to the drop. It didn't ... more »

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Brownie and I were sitting together before the start of the second moto and he told me he had only ridden the bike once. He also stalled it "3 or 4 times" in the first moto. He rode really well and said he's still havi lots of fun! DC MX Sports

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MXMat813, email me the info and names directly: and I will walk it through and figure out what's going on. DC MX Sports

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They all know that open-air stadiums give them a home field advantage in the playoffs come January. The Steelers, Patriots, Bears, Giants, Redskins and Bills (back in the day) It's blue collar and they are hard for a team to beat when it's not perfect ... more »

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I for once agree with you Geoff. The big question is who Team USA will send.... Right now, it might be Dungey, Mike Alessi or Andrew Short, and Trey Canard... but by next month, it could be Dungey, Stewart or Windham, Weimer... the PC bikes are so far ... more »

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For what it's worth, Kailub is my sister's stepson. He is Jeff Russells's son, and very fast on a motocross track, even though he's a GNCC racer. I really hope he qualifies! DC MX Sports

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Nice. DC MX Sports

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Sorry this is a couple days late, but they had to do some work to recover the lost audio on the Thunder Valley 250 race archive. Now you can here the sweet melodies of David Bailey and Jason Weigandt calling all three of the opening motos right here: ... more »

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If anyone calls it anything but LaRocco's Leap on TV, I say we take him out back and beat the shit out of him. It's not "that parking lot jump" and it sure as heck is not "Lucas Oil Leap." I will be in the TV production meeting this time and offer a ... more »

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Tim, what about if the units were operated by individual marshals at each blind spot, sort of like the no-jumping flag we utilize now? Instead of waving the flag, they hit the button? Each lighting unit would have it's own battery, so why not its own ... more »

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Honda907, I am not Dave Coombs of the NPG, that was my dad. I am part of MX Sports, and we are doing our best to grow the series collectively with 12 individual promoters. Each of the promoters controls and counts their own gate, and I believe that information ... more »

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On it, thanks for the notice on both. DC MX Sports

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I walked away from a nice little TV gig after Vance was born a few years back and have not regretted it one bit... Except when I call someone by their wrong name for two hours. DC MX Sports