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My Facebook post so let me clarafy and update whats going on, Now we can sell the Honda E-bike but you won't get a title for the time being. We think the manufacture , Greenger, Didn't go thru calif air resource board testing so this is where we are ... more »

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From Swap's Instagram:In 2000, I was running a small magazine called MXracer and thought life couldn’t get any better. Then the opportunity to launch TransWorld Motocross came along and I jumped at the opportunity with my great friend @garthmilan. Within ... more »

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From Mike Antonovich instagram : I remember seeing this thing for the first time. My mom got it for my brother at Christmas in 2000 and I snatched it away. Everything I ever thought was cool about Moto was in those pages and Donn became an icon to me ... more »

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I took my sons cr85 rim to The Racers Edge in Simi Valley to get a new rear dunlop and tube installed, the next weekend we were racing at Cahuilla Creek and in the second moto he got a flat. I was in TRE that week to buy oil and mentioned it to Jason, ... more »

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If you pm me your Phone number or email address I will give it to him, Eric owns Casas creations and does awesome Restoring, this bike is awesome.

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Eric Casas in his mcgrath replica, bike is immaculate and for sale. I think he wants

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I race vintage now and I race more than ever, the tracks are rough but not stupid, the whole vibe is awesome and you get to race with the heros of the 70's and 80's. We get Desoto, Jones, Bell, Beier, Burnworth, Myerscough, and a lot of other guys attending ... more »

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My racebike...A 1975 mx125b, never breaks down and knifes under

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I highly recommend them, if you race a lot you will save a lot of money and develop relationships in the industry.

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Hey mxrewind, the only advice these posers can give you is how to act like a cool guy and show the world how core you are by being an asshole....keep up the good work and don't let these clowns run you off.

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I've said it before and i'll say it again, a lot of total assholes on this board...probably wait all day so they can be cool guys and talk smack while hiding behind an avitar...

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I agree, the Racers edge ( rocks...they have great prices, an awesome inventory and Jason is always cool to everyone..I live in Simi Valley and we have 3 oem shops and two accessory shops but the racers edge puts them to shame. Highly recommended...and ... more »

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I was racing Saddleback back in the 80's in the 125 beginner class and i spotted Bob hannah in the pits, he was so impressed by my JT gear that he let me drive his Ferrari home. When i brought it back Howerton was at his house, he loved my JT gear so much that he promptly flew me to his estate in Texas and coached me on his private supercross track, that was the year i won the Supercross championship. To this day whenever Hannah talks about the old days he always mentions Savitski, Bevo, John Wayne and me...

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JT racing is the iconic brand of the 70's and 80's, i remember the ad's in mxa with every major star and up and coming star featured wearing jt. They also pioneered the motocross casual wear market. Who out there remembers their jt cowboy hats , tennis shoes, rain suits or polo shirts ? Stadium number plates? Jt not only originated the look but set the style trend. Bad bones or dalmation print? Jt did it first, Bad ass helmets from a gear company? Jt was first with their als helmets. When everyone else was wearing flimsy vinyl chest protectors Jt came out with their ground breaking vented plastic protectors. Jt not only created the market but they set the trends and everyone else was left to imitate. And now that gear is starting to go retro, Jt comes back with some of the cleanest looking gear in years. If it was good enough for Hannah, Howerton, Broc, Johnny O', and the other moto gods it's good enough for me.

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Damn, The Ranch, Pala ,Starwest, perris, adelanto, cahuilla, and now elsinore..A lot of good tracks within driving disatnce.

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it sucks that i go to my local dealerships for parts and everything has to be ordered, even simple parts. I have two pw50's that my girls ride and they never have parts for them, bikes that havn't changed in 30 years. Same with my sons cr85. Feel bad ... more »

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i still have every motorcycle magazine i ever read going back to the first dirtbike . i pull a few random mags from time to time and re read them.

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boy after reading these asinine responses to a legitimite gripe i can see why peolple are saying this board is going down hill, hate to say it but a lot of you guys are just idiots..pitbike502 don't give these clowns anymore ammo , most of these asshats ... more »

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If you have ridden the ranch you know how good marc peters is at manufacturing a moto track... can't wait to hear what the other track is going to be